It’s about time :)

Pepper and me

Greetings from Pepper (my shy Schnoodle) and me!

Welcome to the Fabuliss blog!  I am in the process of getting things set up here so please bear with us.

Why Fabuliss?  Two quick stories.  After spending the last half of the ’90s in black because I wasn’t happy with my body, I got a wake up call in 2001.  I was on a work trip in a hotel room in Dallas and saw my first episode of TLC’s What Not to Wear (WNTW).  It changed my life!  I started experimenting with shapes, fits and color and have been evolving ever since.

My second story is that after watching who knows how many episodes of WNTW, How Do I Look and all the other fashion and style shows now flooding cable, the wheels were turning.  On a beautiful summer day in 2006, I was driving back to work after meeting with a client, listening to the hilarious Lori & Julia on FM 107 and, BAM!  This idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

Fabuliss is a way for every day women to learn how to align who they want to be with how others see them.  There is usually a gap so it is all about finding out how big that gap is and learning how to close it.

I’ve had great success with this idea.  My first test party was with a friend of mine.  We were both invited to a friend’s wedding and she was so excited about the dress she had bought.  We did the party and, towards the end, she unveiled THE DRESS.  She knew, after looking at my face, that it was not to be THE DRESS.  When I saw her a few weeks later at the wedding, I could not believe what she was wearing.  She looked like a knockout because she was wearing a color that worked for her and she was showing off her great body.

I recently had lunch with another friend, who also had a party.  When I worked with her, she wore a lot of black and brown with some Red Sox fan wear mixed in.  At lunch, she had on a lovely turquoise blue sweater that looked great on her fair skin.  I could not have been more proud!

Ladies (and gents), it’s possible to make little changes that make a HUGE difference!  And I am so excited to share what I have learned with you so that, as my Grandma Noud would have said, you can always “look your best and be your best!”


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One Response to “It’s about time :)”

  1. teahon Says:

    Love it! Will be checking this blog regularly.

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