Thanks, Oprah and Rita!

I just finished a late night treadmill workout to Shear Genius.  At the end of the workout, I flipped through the DVR and decided to start an Oprah episode and, VOILA!  There’s Rita Wilson talking all about finding your style, looking great at any age, doing amazing makeovers and giving great tips.  If you have not yet seen the episode, here’s a link to get inspired:

Admittedly, I was a little nervous because she was saying so many of the things that I think about.  Like have a girlfriend help you go through your closet.  And make sure to dress for who you are.  So developing your style is not exactly rocket science.  But it’s not like there are recipes out there – 1 cup of navy, 1/4 cup of gold/white stripe and 1 tbsp of red – because style is so personal.

Your style is who you are.  Invest a little in it.  Listen to Rita Wilson – she has a lot of great tips for women of all ages (though I have to disagree with the black leggings/skinny jeans as a key piece for every age because it does NOT flatter every shape).  Then  book a Fabuliss party to learn about yourself, your shape, your colors and your style.  Trust me – it’ll be fun!

Purple suede kid shoes

Look at those adorable shoes!

P.S. I have to share with you the cutest pair of shoes I saw today!  They were on my fashionable friend’s daughter – purple suede, adorable.  The jeans were rolled up to show off the shoes for my quick “photo shoot” at the mall.

This is a great example of great style starting early, which might just be the subject of my next post…my own style history.  Watch out, world.  I’m not even sure I’m ready!


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