Buh-Bye, Black

Cropped photo of clothing in closet

The winter closet

If I would have taken a picture like this of my closet five years ago, it would have been mostly black with some spots of pink.  One of the triggers that helped me realize how monotone my wardrobe came from shopping with a dear friend of mine I met while at UW Madison.  We were at an outlet mall and she said something like “do you know you skip over all the color and go straight to the black?”  It took that shocking moment to get perspective on a terrible shopping habit.

A few years later, while packing for a vacation, I had another shocking moment looking at my suitcase.  I had stopped buying everything black…and started buying everything pink.  It was hilarious and painfully obvious that I still had work to do.

As part of evolving my closet, one major decision I made is NO MORE BLACK PURSES!  It forced me to always try something different.  The other decision I made is not to buy black shoes.  Now admittedly, I did buy a pair of black boots recently, but they were to replace another black pair that made my feet feel like I had the wrong shoe on each foot.  Ouch!  I believe that may now be my only pair of black footwear.  I’ll confirm when I do a footwear article…

So as I kiss black (and too much pink) buh-bye, it’s been a process of discovering which colors I can wear.  I am proud to say that 2009 was the year I *finally* discovered what yellow I can wear.  Many thanks to The Gap and Land’s End for introducing a golden yellow this season with jackets and sweaters.  It’s weird, but ever since seeing an article in Oprah (probably years ago) that everyone can wear yellow, I have been on a mission to figure out what shade is right for me.

One important thing I have learned is when your color(s) are in season and in the stores, STOCK UP if you can.  You will have the best selection in terms of style, pattern, fit and accessories that you can wear until it comes around again.

My last piece of advice for today is to avoid getting hung up on the season colors.  Remember those?  I was declared a Winter long ago and wore way too many pastels…  Today, I just experiment and go with what feels right.  Sometimes I take two or three colors at the store and hold each one up to my face to see which one helps my features pop the best.

Be brave and give new colors a try.  Ask for a second opinion.  And have fun!


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2 Responses to “Buh-Bye, Black”

  1. teahon Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the season color thing. Most people I know look good in colors from all seasons–it’s just a matter of finding which ones.

    Brilliant idea about stocking up on items in your favorites colors when they’re in style. I would add that you should make sure to stick to classic shapes and quality materials. You won’t want to wear a trend that’s passed or something raggedy, even if you love the color.

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks for your comments! It took help from a friend to let go about needing to identify with a specific season :) And you’re so right – classic shapes and quality will always be a smart choice.

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