Fabuliss Helps Mary Refine Her Style…From Day to Night

Head shot of Mary

Meet one of my clients, Mary.  She was kind enough to let me use her photos so I can help demonstrate what I do and, in the process, help her put several outfits together.  Mary is in management consulting at an executive level.  She’s athletic, 5′ 10″ and always on the go.  I have gone shopping with her twice to help her add to her closet, which mostly consists of classic basics in neutral colors.

Mary in business wearOne of Mary’s challenges is mixing colors.  In the left photo above, we used the white sweater to make her jacket and necklace pop, as well as to showcase the ruffles on the deep v-neck of the jacket.  The pencil skirt dresses the jacket up, as do a pair of grey suede pumps with black leather detailing.  If she was in a situation where she needed to cover her legs, I would recommend sheer nude hose.  If Mary were more petite, I would recommend a sheer hose in a darker shade like grey or navy.

The overall effect of the outfit on the left is professional, feminine and demands attention with the details of her outfit.  And believe it or not, she is not repeating any color in this head-to-toe look!

In the example above on the right, we mixed a pair of grey trousers with a black 3/4 sleeve jacket and a pink top underneath.  She could put just about any color underneath the jacket…except navy, black, grey or white.  The pop of color brightens up her face and makes her much more approachable and interesting.  We selected a necklace that is dressy and fun and went very daring with a dark red shoe.  Overall, this is a great outfit for a corporate setting.  It’s professional with a touch of fun and feminine.

Keep reading for casual outfits!

Brunch or weekend outfit

Party outfitThe photo above and left has Mary in a long green sweater pulls together gold-toned accents in her necklace, belt and leopard-print shoes.  The belt did not come with the sweater but it works great to show off her waist and add the visual interest with the decorative clasp.  This is a sassy, casual outfit that could work for casual Friday, brunch and/or a date night.

On the right, she is wearing a beautiful grey skirt from Kokoon with a shade of blue that looks amazing on her skin.  We went with a simple necklace and a shiny set of bracelets that are not visible in this photo.  Fish net tights and the tall, heeled boots make this a great outfit for happy hour and some dancing with the girls.  She could dress it up even more with a long necklace or layered necklaces that contrast with the blue top or she could make it work appropriate with a jacket and more opaque tights.

Sweater option ASweater option B

These last two outfits show a sweater worn two different ways.  On the left, it’s a very monochromatic look with a pop of red shoes and a red necklace.  It is an elegant, simple look for casual Friday at work or a movie date.

The photo on the right is another way to wear the sweater with a completely different look, made fun with the red suede belt.  Mary could wear this to have dinner with friends or to a party at a co-worker’s home.

With observation of what others are doing, practice trying on different outfits and input from people you trust, you’ll build your confidence trying different combinations.

I would love to hear any questions or specific problems you might be having pulling your outfits together!

In closing, thanks to Mary for coming up with some great poses and being open to trying on a bunch of outfits!  And I’ll be working on my photography skills for my upcoming client photo shoot so stay tuned.


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2 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Mary Refine Her Style…From Day to Night”

  1. teahon Says:

    Mary looks great. Those pops of color breathe so much life and personality into the outfits. I would love to see some close-ups of the details like the necklaces, shoes and belts.

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks for the note, teahon! And I’m glad you agree with the approach :) Great tip about the close-ups. I will make sure to get some photos when I do my next client photo shoot.

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