Mix & Match Outfits with 10 Pieces* for February

Items 1-10

Here are 10 coordinating pieces to inspire your February outfit coordination and shopping, all available now (shop using the links below).  You can use this mix of items, colors and style as a point of reference to shop in your price range, at your favorite stores and with your personal sense of style.

I can make at least 12 outfits out of these 10 items…you?

  1. Ann Taylor LOFT’s Dotty Blossoms Dress is a simple shape with a feminine print.  It’s a perfect piece to wear to work with the jacket or sweater or to another occasion with the sweater.  To dress it down, wear a pair of metallic flats instead of heels.
  2. The Halogen Basket Weave Jacket, available at Nordstrom, is a great top – with pop! – layer for work.  It coordinates with the dress, skirt and pants shown above, with a white top underneath.
  3. I chose the Crystal Coins Necklace from Banana Republic as a coordinating piece because it has a sense of statement to it without being overwhelming. It adds elegance to any of the outfits that could be made with these pieces.
  4. Leatherock Square Buckle Patent Leather Belt in grape, also available from Nordstrom, works with all of the colors shown above.  It contrasts nicely with the jacket and sweater while matching the dark shades of the dress, skirt and pants.
  5. The Modern Dot Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT has a bold presence that is a perfect match with the colorful sweater or jacket.  It says youthful without being inappropriate for women of almost any age.
  6. I love J. Crew’s Ruffled spring Celosia cardigan for it’s bold coloring, the gentle flower detail and the monochromatic style.  This can pair with so many pieces beyond what I’ve featured here…denim, khakis, shorts, etc.  If you like the style but this color isn’t for you, J. Crew sells it in a wide array of colors.
  7. Another item from Ann Taylor LOFT is the Julie Pinstripe Pants.  The cut will not work for everyone but the general idea will.  A simple trouser with a pinstripe detail is an excellent neutral that can be paired with almost any top.
  8. Hold the phone for the amazing Seychelles ‘Veronica’ T-Strap Pump!  They look incredibly comfortable and have a great energy about them in terms of the design detail.  I would have no hesitation pairing them with a dark dress, skirt or pant.  Available at a variety of online shoe retailers, including Nordstrom.
  9. The Leo & Nicole Cowl Neck Tee, available at Nordstrom, seems like a bit of a wasted item, but it’s so versatile and I want to make sure you know what to pair with the bold colored jacket and sweater.  Simple, wearable, easy.
  10. Last, but not least, Ann Taylor LOFT’s Leather Foldover Clutch.  The color of this clutch warms the palette up while maintaining a clean and simple look overall.  I also like it because it looks like it has a lot of room, despite being a clutch.

What do you think about this list?  What would you add or replace on the list?  Do you have questions?  I love hearing from you!

*I have not personally seen/touched each item to know if the color is as shown so if you decide to purchase any of these items or a group of them, please use your sense of style or consult a Fabuliss professional.  Happy last week of the month!


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One Response to “Mix & Match Outfits with 10 Pieces* for February”

  1. teahon Says:

    What a cheerful collection. I cannot wait for spring!

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