Broaden Your Style by Shopping Different Stores

It’s never about where you shop. It all comes down to what you buy and how you put it together.  Great style does not need to be expensive, cookie cutter or limiting.

With discount chains like Target partnering with big-name designers, we have great design that is both accessible and affordable.

When shopping on the lower price end, which I do plenty of, here are a few things I look for:

  • Fabric – how does the fabric feel?  Does it seem like it will make it through the washing machine without falling apart?  And equally as important, does it feel good on my skin?
  • Construction – do the seams feel like they’re sewn together with some reinforcement so they won’t rip easily?
  • Fit – are the seams hitting my body in the right places?
  • Shrink factor – does this seem like something that will come out a size smaller after the first wash?  If so, consider buying a size up.

Only shop at a few stores? Consider looking in places you don’t normally shop for unique pieces that you can use to mix up the every day.  Here are a few questions to help you make navigate a new store:

  • What was it in the window that got you into the store?  Was it a piece of clothing?  If so, go find it.
  • Are the clothes in the store age appropriate (as in, if you’re older than 20, do not shop in juniors)?
  • Does the price of the clothing seem to match the quality?
  • Do the pieces I am interested in fit in with my current wardrobe or fit in with where I want to go with my style?
  • Do the clothes in the store fit my shape?

Lastly, I am all for those spontaneous finds but you may want to do an inventory prior to shopping – especially if you have a lot of things but nothing seems to go together.

Fabuliss has both an inventory package to help you see what you have in your closet and also helps with shopping.  If you’re in need of help, let’s talk!


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