I Like You Very Much…Just As You Are

Bridget Jones scene - Mark Darcy descending the stairs

Remember this quote from Bridget Jones?  When she is fleeing that terrible dinner party and Mark Darcy runs to catch her before she leaves?  He confesses his affections for Bridget…just as she is.

I’ve had so many people tell me that they want to do a party…when they lose weight.  When I hear this, I’m transported to 2001 in a Dallas hotel room, feeling a little bummed that I didn’t actually get to see Dallas, but realizing that I need to be happy with what I look like (thank you Stacy London and Clinton Kelly!).  It was that moment that I realized I have to do everything in my power to work with what I have.

A few style evolutions later, I feel so much freer.  Am I at my ideal weight?  In some weird way, I am because I know how to dress my shape and my clothes fit.  And what is the worst that can happen if I gain or lose weight?  What…I get to go shopping?  Win-win in my opinion.

Think about all of the other things we put off until this or that happens.  What does all that waiting (or avoidance) keep you from?

If you’re remotely curious about what kind of confidence you have in you, have a party.  Invite three friends who love you – just as you are.  We’ll have a great time and, if you’re open to it, you may just experience some serious transformation!



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