Men Need Style Too – Outfits for 3 Different Men

I love In Style’s Man of Style for the reminder that men can have their own style too.

For male readers (and/or their significant others), you have to look good!  The way you dress is just as important for men as it is for women because it’s a huge part of communications.

Here are three outfits I’ve put together for three very different men, based on a few of the men in my life.

1. Well-Suited

Suit, shirt, tie, shoes, belt and laptop bagMy brother works for the Department of Justice and recently told me he needs help.  Well, brother, here’s a great combination for spring with a fairly conservative palette.

A lighter colored suit is nice, especially for every day when not in the court room or deposing people.  The crisp shirt with a burnt orange stripe helps frame the contemporary green tie, which I purposely chose in a muted shade to pop but not punch.

In terms of accessories, keep it simple with brown tones.  A decorative shoe is a great way to give an outfit a little zing of your personality (and I love this modern take on the wing tip).  A simple patterned belt and a brown laptop backpack round this out.

If you don’t care for the lighter suit, think about taking the ideas here and applying them to a darker suit.

2. Casual Day

Sweater, tee, jeans, shoes, belt and bagThe casual outfit above is a mixed palette with my husband in mind.  A simple pattern on the sweater gives the eye something to be interested in, along with a pop of color from the t-shirt sticking out at the neck.

I prefer a simple, dark jean – especially if this is worn to work – to maintain an overall clean look for the outfit.  If jeans aren’t appropriate, pair this up with a navy or brown pant.

Shoes are a huge part of finishing off an outfit so stay away from ratty, beat-up, unpolished shoes.  This “athleisure” shoe (what a weird category name!) is perfect for every day.  I like the green belt because it’s not brown or black :)  And a practical blue bag keeps the palette mixed and should coordinate with just about anything for casual days.

3. Agency Wear

Sweater, shirt, jeans, shoe, belt and bagThis last outfit is for an edgier dresser, who also happens to be a art director in the agency world.  We recently had a conversation about adding color to his wardrobe.  Voila…this is how you do it!

The gold mustard sweater is a clean top layer over over the blue checked shirt, which is all personality that can peak out at the top and add color to light up the eyes and skin.  No surprise, I picked a very simple black jean to round out the look.

I *love* this shoe!  It’s a very modern take on a sneaker and is perfect for the agency.  Just make sure the whites don’t get too grubby!

The mildly edgy belt keeps the pants up where they should be (yes, I’ve seen male crack and would prefer not to – especially at work!) and the neutral green bag goes with this outfit and many other colors.

If you’re thinking “great, but I’m still not sure what to do…” contact Fabuliss.  We help men learn to shop, put outfits together and part with the stuff he shouldn’t be wearing. And if you check out my site, I would recommend most men NOT have a party and go directly to the packages I just mentioned.

As always, let me know what you think or if you have questions or suggestions.  Happy Friday!, or 612-554-4629


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2 Responses to “Men Need Style Too – Outfits for 3 Different Men”

  1. teahon Says:

    Great outfits! Can you add links to all the pieces?

    Question: What do you think of short-sleeved men’s button up shirts? Are they appropriate for work or are they strictly casual?

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks and I just added links!

    Personally, I don’t like sleeves that go any shorter than the elbow for work. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a covered arm. Truth be told, I have not always covered them but it’s now one of my outfit rules.

    There are plenty of breathable fabrics available (cotton is our friend!) so keeping cool should not be a problem.

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