Style Advice (and Restyles) for American Idol’s Young Men

Watching Idol tonight, I was overwhelmed how my style comments/thoughts overall matched the critiques and feedback from the judging panel.  The outfit selections say a lot to me about their confidence in themselves and how much star power they believe they have in them.

In general, my advice is as follows:

  1. Make a statement and own it because you need to differentiate yourself from your competition as well as your audience
  2. Remember that we see a lot of you close up so that’s where the details really count
  3. You’re <27 years old so dress like it!

And now, because I really want these young men to succeed, here’s how I would dress each contestant, along with my “live” tweets from last night.

Links to shop the items shown are below and include Nordstrom, Saks, Sean John, Ecko, BlueFly, Endless, Zappos, Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters and Armani Exchange.

Tweet: Michael Lynche (Big Mike) looks much better this week. Black suit and shirt look sharp and it looks like he feels good. Sneakers = nice touch.

Outfit selections for Michael Lynch

So I agree with my tweet, but I just don’t think an American Idol will win in a suit so I’ve picked separates that build a clean look, infused with some attitude and personality.  There is detail on the jacket collar, texture to the shirt and a great pattern on the tie.

Shop Michael’s outfit: jacket, shirt, jeans, tie, shoe

Tweet: John Park = vanilla. He needs to work on standing out more beyond Asian guy. No personality coming through outfit.

Outfit for John Park

This outfit is clean cut with quiet detail, which is perfect for a guy who seems much more in the zone with John Mayer.  Simple with quick pops of color from the t-shirt and shoe.

Shop John’s outfit: shirt, t-shirt, jeans, shoe, belt

Tweet: Casey James…like the wrist accessory and sheen on the shirt. More ponytails, less guitar.

Updated look for Casey James

Admittedly Casey doesn’t need a whole lot of help, but I don’t think they should film him with a bun.  That said, he does the cowboy theme well.  This is a bit of an update with more color to help him define a unique take on the Western theme.

Shop Casey’s outfit: shirt, t-shirt, jean, boot, belt

Tweet: Alex Lambert needs to ditch the mullet and private school uniform…but he sure is more natural this week.

Outfit for Alex Lambert

Alex is still getting comfortable with sharing his talent, so I’m keeping it simple and a little quiet for him.  This is a sportier look to help him be more age appropriate with a little attitude.  The pants have a subtle print and zipper detail, which may inspire him to step out in future weeks.

Shop Alex’s outfit: hoodie, t-shirt, jean, shoe, bracelet

Tweet: Oh no. Todrick Hall is dated in that jacket and pants when paired with old song (that I love).

Outfit for Todrick Hall

I get the idea Todrick was going for, but it came off all wrong.  Dated and too old for him.  So here’s a younger version with a great shiny jacket, a punch of color with the shirt and some bling on the shoe.  He’s got the goods but needs to connect them all together!

Shop Todrick’s outfit: jacket, shirt, jeans, shoe, belt

Tweet: Jermaine Sellers is looking 80s gay which clashes with that song…he’s so cute but not quite right tonight.

Outfit for Jermaine Sellers

So Jermaine takes risks.  Got it.  But we need to make him much more hip!  Here’s a take on preppy mixing patterns in the same color family to keep his look from being too costumey or clownish.  Go Jermaine!

Shop Jermaine’s outfit: sweater, shirt, pants, shoe, belt

Tweet: Andrew Garcia…love the glasses…outfit looks like a guy in mid 40s.

Outfit for Andrew Garcia

I kind of get it.  He’s a dad so he’s dressing a little more mature.  But last night, he not only looked like he was dressed for his mid-40s, he looked so average and he’s anything but average.  He’s memorable and I want his head-to-toe look to help make sure he stays memorable.  The structured silhouette created with the shirt and jeans keep his shape in check and the t-shirt, shoes and belt express some attitude.

Shop Andrew’s outfit: shirt, t-shirt, jeans, shoe, belt

Tweet: Aaron Kelly = safe outfit but better than looking like he just came from 7th period.

Outfit for Aaron Kelly

As the youngest contestant – and one of Simon Cowell’s favorites – he needs to step it up fast!  This outfit is age appropriate and won’t swallow the young talent.  A striped sweater adds some interest with a colored t-shirt peaking out.  The shoe and belt contrast with the dark cargo pants to keep the look for being boring.

Shop Aaron’s outfit: sweater, t-shirt, pants, shoe, belt

Tweet: Tim Urban made good color choices (red tee, white pants) but lacking something special.

Outfit for Tim Urban

Tim is Jonas Brothers meets Glee.  I can totally see his picture up on a lot of tween girls’ walls.  I kept his outfit very preppy with pops of color to help him build some star power – beyond just a cute guy.

Shop Tim’s outfit: sweater, shirt, jeans, shoe, belt

Tweet: I want Lee Dewyze to step up his style. Hair is great. Chain on jeans is too minimal esp with plain blue tee. Missing “special.”

Outfit for Lee Dewyze

So my sense is that Lee is a pretty shy guy who transforms into a rocker on stage.  I love this sweatshirt for him because somehow the birds feel like they say “quiet” in a cool way.  The t-shirt is for texture and I like the white patent sneaker to complement the rock look.

Shop Lee’s outfit: hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, shoe, belt

If you’re NOT an American Idol, fear not! Fabuliss can help you and/or your friends bring more attitude, style and/or personality to your outfits based on your body shape, budget and needs.

Fabuliss helps every day women and men have success with style.


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