Necklace Statements, Romance, Metals and Naturals…From Casual to Corporate

This post is inspired by a friend, who feels good about her clothing choices but is not sure about jewelry.  She inspired me to create the Fabuliss Accessories package, which is a shopping trip focused on accessorizing.

Since discovering jewelry about 10 years ago, I’ve been hooked!  And I am now one of “those people” who tries to always wear a necklace – even if it’s just to run to Target – because I never know whom I might run into.

And now, my quick list on necklace shopping:

  • You want to make sure that the piece has enough weight or is constructed properly so it lays correctly on your skin or over a piece of clothing.  Weight will keep it from bouncing and/or rearranging when you walk, as well as look more expensive.  Just make sure it’s not too heavy!
  • Check the materials, quality and construction to make sure it’s consistent with price.  Does the clasp work?  Is it showing signs of tarnish or breakage?  Does it feel fragile?  Are there sharp pieces that might snag sweaters?
  • Consider the length of the necklace.  Will it fit comfortably around your neck without digging in?  A longer length can be more flattering, depending on how chunky it is.  A shorter length is more appropriate for a corporate environment.
  • Necklaces come in a huge range of prices, styles and colors and are seasonal so you can always something on sale or clearance.
  • Lastly, make sure the necklace is appropriate for where you’re wearing it.  Charms, animals and other nostalgic jewelry can be good for more casual dress while geometric shapes and light embellishments may be better for corporate.

Here are six tops with a range of necklace options, from left to right: the statement, the romance, the metal and the natural.  Click the links to shop each item featured.

1) The Casual Jacket with Denim

Casual Jacket with Necklace Options

Mix this casual cotton jacket with a pop of a complimentary color (1, Anthropologie, $28), a frilly bib in a contrasting color (2, Shop Bop, sale price $100), a longer length in curvy metal (3, Shop Bop, $275) or a grounded set of bold tiger-eye beads (4, Talbots, $79).

2) The Casual Sweater with Jeans, Skirt or Trousers

Classic Sweater with Necklace Options

Mix and match the classic neutral sweater with a pop of the season’s hottest hue (5, Target, $49.99), a longer set of frills in a soft color (6, Anthropologie, $68), a simple looped metal  (7, Banana Republic, $59.50) or a string of marbled beads (8, Chico’s, $59.50).

3) The “Separates” Jacket with Skirts and Trousers

Separates Jacket with Necklace Options

Pair a slightly dressy jacket with a pretty and colorful cluster (9, Anthropologie, $198), a ring of contemporary flowers (10, Nordstrom, $225), a rock-n-roll bib of metal strands and beads (11, Chico’s, sale price $38.50) or a multi-layered set of shells (12, Nordstrom, $88).

4) The Classic Suit Jacket
Classic Suit Jacket with Necklace Options

Pair the classic suit jacket with a small pop of artistic color (13, Uncommon Goods, $36), the popular cluster of pearls (14, Talbots, $49), a geometric mix of metals (15, Spiegel, sale price $29) or a nature-inspired pendant with a little bling (16, Forever 21, $7.80).

5) The Contemporary Suit Jacket

Contemporary Suit Jacket with Necklace Options

Pair a more contemporary suit jacket with an artistic and colorful bib (17, Persimmon by Gracie Miller/Etsy, $78), pretty petals formed into golden flowers (18, Ann Taylor LOFT, $39.50), a chain full of metal petals (19, Shop Bop, $366) or a mix of shell, agate and quartz redefined as petals (20, Chico’s, sale price $68.25).

6) The Button-Down Shirt with Denim or Chinos

Classic Blouse with Necklace Options

Easily transform the classic blouse into a variety of outfits with a layered pop of colored beads (21, Nordstrom, $68), a ruffled set of pearls (23, Forever 21, $10.80), a mix of geometry and glassy stones (23, Chico’s, $68.25) or a wood-beaded bib (24, Banana Republic, $59.50).

If you are ready to try jewelry and are not sure where to start, consider the Fabuliss Accessory package for an hour or two to get your collection started.  Read more at


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2 Responses to “Necklace Statements, Romance, Metals and Naturals…From Casual to Corporate”

  1. Gracie Miller Says:

    This is a great article about statement pieces. So many colorful pieces to see. Nice job and thank you for including my Mondrian necklace.

  2. fabuliss Says:

    You’re so welcome, Gracie! I love the necklace :)

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