Fabuliss Helped Kathy Make A Lot of Something Out of “Nothing”

Amongst the many things I love about what I do, helping people discover new ways to see their clothing is SO MUCH FUN!

Hello, Kathy!

Hello, Kathy!

Kathy is a former executive turned full-time mom of three who is getting used to her new shape, thanks to a significant weight loss.  She was in need of coaching on how to put her small clothing inventory together, as well as developing a list of what to add and where to shop.

As part of her role transition, she wanted to make sure her style was sophisticated and feminine while not looking too old.

One thing Kathy does that I absolutely love is if she finds something she likes, she buys two.  This is so smart!

Kathy in her date night outfit

Date Night

Our first outfit for Kathy was selected for date night.  She really wasn’t sure where to start, but she definitely knew she wanted to look good.

We started with a pair of jeans, added an animal print tee with a draped neck and put a jacket over the tee for the cool evenings.

Her brown wedge espadrilles will be perfect and comfortable as it warms up and they pair great with a wood and metal necklace, layered with a coral and red bead necklace.

Variations on this outfit could include a cardigan sweater in place of the jacket to dress the look down, substituting a bright gold necklace to dress it up and doing a metallic shoe in place of the espadrilles.

The only thing I would change about this outfit is the length of the jeans.  Because Kathy is petite, I suggested she wear a longer hem to elongate her legs.

One Shirt and Pair of Pants, Two Looks

Kathy has a great geometric print top with an asymmetrical neckline with pops of turquoise.  Her animal print top is definitely my favorite, but this is a very close second.

We mixed it into two different outfits, simply changing the top layer and accessories.  The look on the left is more casual for fall and winter with the chunky sweater while the look on the right, including a rhinestone necklace, is more appropriate for networking or attending a special event with her husband.

Kathy could mix either of these look with jeans to dress them down or a short, lightweight cardigan in ivory, turquoise or yellow to lighten the overall look.  She could also pair the look on the right with a grey pencil skirt for a more feminine take.

If you’re transitioning to a new place in life, feeling like you have nothing to wear or don’t think your current wardrobe sends the right messages, Fabuliss can help!  See Fabuliss.com for packages and sign up for the eNewsletter to be eligible for great monthly specials.


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2 Responses to “Fabuliss Helped Kathy Make A Lot of Something Out of “Nothing””

  1. teahon Says:

    Kathy looks great! Especially in the first outfit, which really shows off her perfect figure.

    I would add the tip that bracelets are a good alternative to necklaces when tooling around with the kids. You don’t have to worry about them getting caught on things (or about the kids strangling you when they suddenly decide to yank at the pretty bracelet).

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks for the tip about bracelets vs. necklaces! Great piece of advice :)

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