Mix & Match Classic Feminine From Talbots

You probably have pre-conceived notions when you hear the name “Talbots.”  Go ahead, get them all out.

Frumpy.  Old lady.  Conservative.

I’ve been shopping Talbots for a couple of years now for several great reasons.  First, the quality of the clothing is really supreme.  Second, they have great sales.  And third, about every other season, I love what they’re carrying.

The April 2010 collection does not disappoint with its feminine palette and handsome details.

Note added 4/20/10:  Talbots carries Petites, Women’s and Women’s Petite

Tops, bottoms and shoes from Talbots April 2010 Catalog

For starters, I would combine the three bottoms with any of the five tops pictured, for 15 very different looks.  Change up the shoes, jewelry and under-layer and forget about even trying to count outfits.

The tops, from left to right:

  • Crest-Striped Cardigan, $89.00: a thin stripe can be flattering and is a welcome relief from solids or big, bold prints.  Wear a bright color underneath for added interest.
  • Chiffon-Trimmed Short Sleeve Cardigan, $69.50: save this short cardigan for weekend wear or casual Fridays at the office.  Add a long necklace with color and/or mixed beads to keep this classic piece fresh.
  • Origami-Petal Cardigan, $79.50: if you only buy one item from Talbots, make it this one.  It’s a beautiful take on the origami trend, offered in several beautiful colors.
  • Pique Jacket, $169.00: the texture and cut of this jacket, also offered in a turquoise blue, are a must-have.  Pair the navy jacket with any color of pants and a bright or metallic shoe.
  • Sateen Shirt-Collar Jacket, $169.00: this light pink jacket is such a pretty way to do a summer suit that can be worn as a separate.

The pants and skirt, starting with the left:

  • Sateen Flared-Leg Pants, $99.00: these pants are the bottom half to the jacket listed above.  Again, a lovely way to do a summer suit or a separate.  Substitute these with a light colored trouser for the same mix & match versatility in a dressier look.
  • Seasonless Wool-Blend Bootcut Pants, $109.00: this is a perfect pant for travel and meetings.  Substitute these with dark denim for the same mix & match for casual day or weekend.
  • Herringbone Denim Pencil Skirt, $59.50: this is a great price for a dressed-up denim skirt that is perfect for warm work days.  Substitute the skirt with a shirt-dress or a sheath for the same mix & match effect.

Last, but not least, the non-black shoes:

  • Peep-Toe Flats, $109.00: trendy, but not too trendy for casual Fridays and weekend get togethers.  This shoe comes in both silver and gold and will go with everything!
  • Peep-Toe Leather Wedges, $99.00: this is a dressy take on a statement shoe in a gorgeous color that is very trendy this season.
  • Python-Embossed Wedge, $109.00: elevate your height with a wedge that looks comfortable and will go with everything from skirts and dresses to trousers and jeans.

Now that you know what I like, let me help you figure out what’s right for you and where you need to shop.

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2 Responses to “Mix & Match Classic Feminine From Talbots”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just had to share! Went to Talbot’s last night for the first time in my life, after reading this blog post and because I need petite sizes clothing, which they carry. Found a GREAT pair of jeans that really fit well, on sale for $40! I will definitely be including Talbot’s on my list of “go-to” stores!

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Very cool, Chris! Thanks for sharing and keep us updated…

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