Fabuliss Helps Kate Express Her Colorful Personality

Hello, Kate (with a "K")!

Kate is a huge inspiration to me on many levels as a genuinely happy and immensely creative individual.

She had a Fabuliss party awhile ago and has really embraced color into her daily routine.  I recently caught up with her colorful closet and fun assortment of accessories and pulled a few looks together.

Orange You Glad?

Orange is a great color on Kate’s olive skin.  The casual look on the left with skinny jeans, a sweater, knee-high riding boots and a funky necklace, is perfect for date night or girl’s night.  I love how the colors in the necklace pop off the sweater.

The dressier look on the right with tan trousers, a buttery soft leather jacket, a bright colored shell, a chunky necklace and those amazing boots, is suitable for networking or a work day at the agency.

The mix of colors and details really help Kate stand out in a crowd as an approachable, interesting person who looks fun and put together from head to toe.

One Dress, Two Looks

When I saw the dress, which has a beautiful embroidered braid down the front, I couldn’t help but pair it with Kate’s new boots for an edgier take on the dress.  This is a great date night outfit!

We kicked it up a few notches by adding a red cardigan, black belt and cute necklace, perfect for attending a party with girlfriends.

All Dressed Up

These looks are more classic while still incorporating Kate’s vivacious personality.  The red dress is to die for!  It fits Kate in all the right places and pairs so elegantly with a simple set of pearls.

On the right, the long sweater jacket provides structure while giving the purple blouse and pearls a chance to pop out at the neck.  I would recommend this outfit for a special work-related event like a holiday party in a more conservative environment or a networking event with business professionals.

If you’re ready to learn how to shop your closet, Fabuliss can help!  See Fabuliss.com for more information and sign up for the eNewsletter for updates and special offers.


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2 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Kate Express Her Colorful Personality”

  1. teahon Says:

    Love her in that orange! She looks great in bright colors in general.

  2. Susan Says:

    Kates boots are to die for! Fabulous indeed!

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