Smart Casual for Summer…From Intern to Boss

Rumor has it that Target transitioned to suits in 2004 because an executive spotted an employee in inappropriate summer wear.

Do you want to make sure you’re NOT the reason for a new dress code?

General summer-in-the-casual-office advice:

  • When you look sloppy, you appear disorganized and like you don’t care
  • Keep the toenails clean and fresh if you’re wearing sandals
  • Flip-flops should be dressy, not rubber and preferably not noisy when you walk
  • Bare shoulders are NOT work appropriate
  • I really discourage shorts, even if everyone else is wearing them…you look like you’re just back from or headed to the beach
  • Non-athletic sneakers are fine, as long as they are kept clean and in good shape
  • No matter what season, make sure your clothes don’t look like you wore them yesterday and/or picked them up off the dirty clothes pile…throw them in the dryer for a few, then hang them up
  • Ladies, watch the hemlines on dresses and skirts…thighs are NOT appropriate for the office, no matter how good they look
  • And lastly, ladies, make sure you’re wearing bras and make sure we can’t see the straps…layer a tank underneath something if need be

The Intern or Junior Associate

Outfits for him and her

Congratulations for landing your summer internship/first job!  But don’t go into your job looking like a college student on spring break.

Even though you may be doing menial tasks, you want those around you to a) notice you and b) respect you.

For her, a casual dress topped with a simple cardigan and a dressy sandal does the trick.  Add a vibrant necklace to dress up the look a little more and a colorful tote in case you *get* to bring some work home.

For him, keep it simple.  Opt for a striped button down, layered over a colored tee.  Try colored denim instead of regular jeans, paired with a colored sneaker.  And make sure you carry a bag, even if there is barely anything in it.  It will make you look and feel more professional.

The Senior {Insert Title Here}

Outfits for him & her

So you’ve put in your time (A LOT of it) and now you’re ready for summer happy hours along the streets of downtown.  Fantastic if you can sneak out on time!  Just make sure your day look doesn’t give you away.

For her, a dress with a print is a great choice for summer.  It keeps the legs cool, shows off the shoes and it’s a great tool for transitioning from day-to-night.  Look sharp when you pair it with a classic cardigan and colored tote.  Add a feminine necklace to offset the geometric print and a metallic shoe to give this look some power.

For him, a colored tee, layered with a lightweight casual shirt jacket will ensure you’re ready for a meeting.  Try a colored denim/jean paired with a styled sneaker.  And don’t forget a roomy messenger bag to get caught up over the weekend.

The Boss

Outfits for him & her

It’s up to you to set the example for the company.  Maintain a casual look with smart choices to ensure you and your company are ready for business.

For her, a crisp, dark denim skirt looks sharp in a pencil silhouette.  Pair it with a long-sleeved printed cardigan in a bold color and an interesting sandal to express your style.  Add a necklace with some shimmer and color  and a stylish neutral bag to complete this every day look.

For him, start with a lightweight long sleeve shirt (layered over a white or colored tee) and pair it with a classic linen or lightweight jacket.  If it gets warm, you can always ditch the jacket and roll up the shirt sleeves.  A pair of casual khakis and a dressy sneaker will maintain a polished casual look.  A durable messenger bag will protect your gear, including your new iPad.

Do you want help learning how to put together looks with your summer closet?  Have some spending money to build your summer wardrobe?  Fabuliss can help!  See for more information.


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