Fabuliss Helps Karri Prep for Interviews…with Great Finds in Plus Sizes

Karri is excited to be interviewing in a different city.  The prospective company invited her to dinner with leadership and she’ll have a more formal interview in their offices so we put together two outfits for her trip.


Dinner InterviewWe began our session in Karri’s closet, putting together a dinner outfit with what she had.  Above is a simulation of the pieces (as the exact pieces are not currently online).

We agreed that while it looked like business clothing, her dinner company would be coming from work and that this is a professional situation.

This outfit centered around a giraffe-printed top, slightly dressier than the one pictured above, with a pop of color layered underneath.  We paired it with a long skirt and a boyfriend jacket.  The belt worked great to show her shape when placed at the slimmest part of her frame – beneath her bust.  For a shoe, she went with a simple black patent shoe.

To cover up an ankle tattoo, she opted for a semi-opaque nylon.  Another good option would be a small fishnet stocking to break up an all-black look.


Day Outfit

The second part of our session was a quick shopping trip to try on a few pieces Karri had recently seen.

She is comfortable in black so her daytime outfit is based on separates with feminine details.  The peplum jacket, cinched high on the waist, helps us see Karri’s shape.  She opted to pair it with a striped blouse and black pant.

She could add a pop of color with a beaded necklace and express some personality with a unique, yet professional shoe.

Are you preparing for interviews, meetings with potential clients or need help getting dressed for every day?  Fabuliss can help!  Learn more at Fabuliss.com or email me at hello@fabuliss.com for more information.


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4 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Karri Prep for Interviews…with Great Finds in Plus Sizes”

  1. teahon Says:

    Great outfits–professional but with personality. I bet she looks dynamite in them. Also, I adore the peplum jacket from outfit two.

    Knock their socks off, Karri!

  2. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:

    I agree – Good luck Karri!
    Isn’t it great that when you look terrific – you project a terrific aura too!

    Thanks Sasha for showing plus size looks too. We curvy girls appreciate it!

  3. fabuliss Says:

    teahon – She looks great! And it’s so nice to see her shape with the belt and the peplum jacket!

    Emily – happy to represent all shapes and sizes. Glad you like!

  4. Karri Says:

    Everything went great and my stylish, professional outfits gave me the confidence I needed to kick-ass in my interviews! Just waiting for the offer now.

    Thank you!

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