Me and Capris…I Love ‘Em, I Hate ‘Em

Me and Capris

When it comes to capris, I have mixed feelings.  That said, capris are clearly here to stay.


Here’s why I love/hate them based on the outfits above.

a. These are currently my favorite capris.  They’re denim, they’re stretchy and they have a flare at the ankle to balance my hips out.  They’re the perfect casual denim and they’re not cutting me off at the calf.  Wearing them with my peep-toe wedges seems to work like a charm in terms of my shape.  I would wear this first outfit shopping or to a casual happy hour.

b. I dressed this capri up because that’s what I do when I wear white.  I dislike that if I were standing straight without posing, the straight-legged capris don’t give me any shape so my legs look like a big white rectangle with little ankles and feet poking out.  At least the sandals look good…I found them on clearance in the middle of winter and have been dying to wear them!  If it’s hot and I’m not in a skirt or dress mood, I may wear this outfit to a dressier happy hour or out to dinner.

c. While I am happy with the outfit, these capris are at least a size too big on me.  See all the bunching in the front?  I also dislike that the legs are tapered, which does not do my shape any favors.  Also, notice how this gladiator sandal cuts the length of my leg off because it’s so close to my ankle.

d. This is the same pair of capris, paired with my FAVORITE summer jacket.  I also love the top and shoes but would not vote for this outfit out of the four.  The capri does not balance out the high-contrast jacket and the overall shape does not work.  Side note: I love these shoes but I can only wear them if I am standing for less than an hour.

All that said, here are my general tips for wearing capris:

  • Capris say “casual” so wear them to the office with caution.
  • Dress them up with heels or a dressy sandal and jewelry.
  • Check to see if they give you shape.  Is it a shape you like?
  • I tend to believe long sleeves on the arms help to balance out the capri length.

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3 Responses to “Me and Capris…I Love ‘Em, I Hate ‘Em”

  1. Lynn Says:


    I want to know where to find capris with a little flare at the bottom. They all seem to be tapered and for most of us, that is soooo unflattering. Any suggestions?

  2. Fabuliss Says:

    Check out the follow-up post, addressing Lynn’s question.

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