Summer of Dresses…First Submission

April 29th Skirt Outfit

In case you haven’t heard, the Geek Girls launched in response to a declaration by @nicycle.  Talk about a great reason to wear skirts and dresses, as well as admire other lovely locals!

Today has been a productive day in support of this important local initiative :)

I dropped off two dresses at a new tailor in Eden Prairie (I will likely be referring people to her as she seems like a keeper!).

Additionally, I stepped out for lunch at The Loop in the skirt ensemble pictured above.  Here are the details:

  • The cotton a-line skirt is from Marshall Field’s petite section – it’s probably 8 years old.  I love the cut and the pattern on the skirt.
  • The camisole w/velvet trim/straps is very old Ann Taylor – they don’t make them like they used to!
  • The cotton/linen jacket is from Eddie Bauer petites – I think from 2009.  It’s a fairly fitted jacket except in the back, which I wish was better.
  • The yellow wedge shoes are Kenneth Cole from last summer.  I like these shoes for dresses and skirts because they’re comfortable and they don’t cut my leg off as sharply as a darker color would.
  • The turquoise beads are from Target and the silver necklace is from Kohl’s or Target – both pieces were bought several years ago.  The turquoise creates a V and the silver adds some shine.

Are you ready to join Summer of Dresses?  Do you want some help joining in?  Fabuliss can help!  Learn more at or email me at


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2 Responses to “Summer of Dresses…First Submission”

  1. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:


    I’ve been feeling scared to wear patterned skirts – but seeing your photo here makes me think I should take a leap!

    Any suggestions for those of us who are pattern phobic to start?

  2. Another Summer of Dresses Post « Fabuliss…Success with Style Says:

    […] Fabuliss…Success with Style Discover and express your personal style « Summer of Dresses…First Submission […]

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