Another Summer of Dresses Post

4/30 Summer of DressesHere’s my second consecutive day of being in a skirt/dress ensemble!  Yay for @nicycle, @geekgirlsguide and!

  • Dress: I bought this medallion dress at Ann Taylor LOFT a couple of summers ago.  It is silk with a polyester lining, perfect for professional situations and events.  Side note, I also purchased a shell with the same pattern as the dress because I loved the print so much!
  • Sweater: Today, I paired the dress with this cotton sweater from Talbots.  I love the subtle bling from the buttons.
  • Necklace: To give this look a fun spin, I decided to wear my noisy necklace from Target.  It makes a tinkling sound, even if I’m just breathing.
  • Shoes: These are the same shoes from yesterday from Kenneth Cole.  See how they go with everything?
  • Belt: I added this casual belt to bring down the dressy-factor while showing off my waist.

Ready to take part in Summer of Dresses but need a little help?  Fabuliss can help!  Contact me at to get started.


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2 Responses to “Another Summer of Dresses Post”

  1. Jane Says:

    What a great look. I love the whole outfit!

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jane :) Have a great Friday and weekend.

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