A Skirted Outfit for Today’s Bridal Shower Outing

May 2nd Bridal Shower Outfit

Here’s a quick summary of today’s outfit:

  • Wide, studded leather belt – purchased at Everyday People on Selby, no identifiable brand
  • Shirt – Ann Taylor LOFT
  • Skirt – Herberger’s
  • Sweater – Talbots
  • Shoes – I ended up swapping these casual wedges out for a strappy nude sandal

See more lovely ladies in dresses at SummerOfDresses.com and follow the tweets with #summerofdresses.

When you’re ready to put together summer outfits with dresses and skirts, Fabuliss can help!  See Fabuliss.com for information or contact me at hello@fabuliss.com.


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4 Responses to “A Skirted Outfit for Today’s Bridal Shower Outing”

  1. Stacie Says:

    That belt really defines your waist! It looks great.

  2. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks, Stacie :)

  3. Sophie Says:

    Great mix of color and patterns… Nice!

  4. fabuliss Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sophie!

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