Target Blue Dress + One Accessory…from Bored to BAM!

Three Dresses + AccessoriesThis post started out when I spotted the dress in the middle.  It’s a simple, classic sheath with a cute detail around the neck.

It got me thinking how to sass up this beautiful classic dress…which led me to the idea that one accessory can add a lot of BAM!

Starting from the left, everything pictured is from Target:

  • PETITE: I picked this simple wrap dress ($24.99) in teal because, well, it was one of the few dresses in the blue family.  It also looks like it’s well made for the price.  I am pairing it with a necklace ($19.99) that contrasts with the blue and adds an earthy, geometric feel.
  • REGULAR: Get this…this dress is $24.99.  It feels like a quality dress and it comes in pirate blue (shown), cosmo pink and grey.  I am pairing this particular color with a fun Cynthia Vincent for Target wedge ($29.99).  It’s a little on the casual side but it’s a whole lot of fun!
  • PLUS: Here’s another great find for $24.99.  If you try this empire waist dress ($24.99) on, make sure the fabric has enough structure to emphasize your curves while not revealing everything.  I chose this mosaic tile belt ($16.99 check stores; it was out of stick at time of posting) to add a pop of wow around the waist.  And in my opinion, it’s perfectly OK that the blue in the belt doesn’t match the blue in the dress.

Make sure to regularly visit to see what women are wearing this summer and post your own pictures for us all to admire.

If you’re in need of help adding more BAM to your closet, Fabuliss can help!  Visit for more information and sign up for the eNewsletter to get updates, special offers and more.  Or contact for more information.


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