I Really Do Own Dresses…But Here’s Another Skirt

Tights and stripes are the theme for today.  That, and an unbuttoned cardigan (I wonder how long it was like that…?).

Photo of today's outfit

  • Sweater:  Ann Taylor LOFT petites.  Love the green color and the pretty bib around the neck.
  • Striped shirt: Ralph Lauren from Macy’s petites.  Bought it on clearance this spring and love it because it goes with everything for casual days.
  • Pencil skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT petites.  Just arrived yesterday.  It’s a lightweight denim for spring with a little stretch.  Super comfy, great for weekends.
  • Tights: color says “charcoal” but they’re more navy-purple.  Keeping the legs warm!
  • Shoes: you can’t see them but there my favorite pumps.  Brown croco.  Comfy as long as I’m not standing for hours.
  • Necklace: hard to see in this photo, but it’s from Target or Kohl’s.

Check out SummerOfDresses.com for more ladies in dresses and skirts.

If you are looking for help how to dress up (or down) for summer, Fabuliss can help!  Contact me at hello@fabuliss.com for more information.


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