Rich Color Combination: Teal, Red, Gold, Yellow

Photo of top, necklace and belt

{ click to enlarge }

I remember loving using the colors teal or turquoise with red as a kid.  I distinctly recall using these colors in the form of markers on paper.  And it was probably in the Mandala-like coloring books that always had such nice paper…

Because I have a lot of solid colored clothing, I like to use accessories to break up color and add interest.  In this case, three pieces I’m fanatical about magically came together:

  • The teal top is a silk shell from Ann Taylor that I’ve been in love with this week.  Seriously, I am pretty sure I’ve worn it three times.  It goes with denim or dress pants and I really love the asymmetrical and tiered ruffles.
  • The gold necklace, from Target, has a wicked weave that you can kind of see on the right side.  It’s incredibly soft and wraps around to the other side of this long necklace.  The weave part is about 60% of the length of the necklace and the tiered chains add movement, color and a richness to the combination.
  • I just picked up this mosaic bead belt from Target.  I was a little worried because a) it’s heavy because it uses glass beads and b) it’s elastic so I was worried about how it would fit on my waist.  But I stepped into it at the store and it felt surprisingly comfortable.  I know this will be a versatile piece.  Coincidentally, the pattern in the belt is also in the necklace.

What do you think of this combination?

Are you ready to try incorporating more color combinations into your outfits?  Fabuliss can help!  Contact me at to get started.


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