From New Clothes to Outfits…the Possibilities are Endless

Outfits Overview

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This weekend I got to help two very different people refresh their closets for spring/summer.

One client now owns more pink than she ever dreamed she would own.  My other client had a wonderful color palette emerge for mixing and matching.

So let’s say you go out on a shopping spree.  How do you go from shopping bags to outfits?

Separates are always the key.  With separates, you can mix and match for endless outfit possibilities.

The other key is to narrow down your wardrobe to colors that look good on you.

See the following examples for ideas of how to build your wardrobe* and mix and match separates.

*Note that the pieces are representative of the client’s new items due to availability of items online.

Client A – Smart Casual

Client A - Items

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As you can see, this client is not afraid of color, ruffles, patterns or asymmetrical lines.  These pieces will mix together to create work outfits, and can be mixed with jeans, khakis, white pants, etc.  It’s a beautiful and versatile wardrobe that will rotate out beautifully all summer.

We stuck with longer sleeves, shells and skirts for hot summer days and lightweight, natural fabrics for breathability.

See the next two images for a start to mixing and matching smart casual outfits.

Client A - Outfits, Set 1

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Client A - Outfits Set 2

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Client B – Business Professional + Weekend

Client B - Items

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This client wanted color and needed help finding what colors worked best for her coloring.  Fortunately, her colors are in all over the racks!

We found a lot of jackets for work to mix and match with suit bottoms and dress pants.  We also found several items for more casual days at the office or the weekend.

All in all, this is a bright palette that will leave a much more interesting impression than all black.

See the following two images for mix and match ideas.

Client B - Outfit Set 1

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Client B - Outfit Set 2

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If the thought of shopping for a new wardrobe, then putting outfits together intimidates, overwhelms and/or paralyzes you, Fabuliss can help!  Contact me at to start discussing your road to personal style.


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