Ruffles and Stripes In One Outfit…What Do You Think?

Me in ruffles, stripes and denim

I’m struck by how many women appear to be allergic to stripes and ruffles.  And yet, here I am, sporting both.  Does it work for you?

  • Ruffled cardigan: Elle for Kohl’s
  • Striped tee: Chaps petite for Kohl’s
  • Denim stretch skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT petite
  • Shoes: Macy’s, Kenneth Cole
  • Gold leaf necklace: Von Maur at Eden Prairie Center
  • Long amethyst bead necklace: Target (I think)

If you’d like to take a new look at ruffles, stripes or other details, Fabuliss can help!  See or contact me at for more information.



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6 Responses to “Ruffles and Stripes In One Outfit…What Do You Think?”

  1. Ms. Lyssa Says:

    super-cute! I’m looking for a striped shirt for the summer too.

  2. Stacie Says:

    I like ruffles and stripes together….but with all of the busy-ness, how do you decide on accessories? with the tab/button collar on your shirt playing into the visual look, what helped you choose the two necklaces….

    • fabuliss Says:

      Great question, Stacie! I chose a shorter necklace that wouldn’t interfere or get lost amongst the tab and buttons on the shirt. The necklace detail is geometric vs. asymmetrical to keep in line with the strong visual of the stripe. Then I decided it looked a little too dressed up with just that necklace so I added the long necklace.

      The long necklace works for me because it’s a solid color – the thread and the beads are both dark purple, it breaks up the stripe, it adds to my vertical length because it’s long and it isn’t matchy-matchy. If I had an orange bead necklace, that would have been FUN to wear with this. Red might have been too nautical. And if my turquoise bead necklace wasn’t getting a little worn/patina-like, I would have worn it.

      Let me know if you have any more questions :)

  3. tea_hon Says:

    Perfection again! So fresh and summery, and navy is a great color on you. I love your hair up, too.

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