Open with Caution…Double Ruffle, as Promised

Double ruffle outfit

{ click to enlarge }

First of all, my apologies regarding the huge margins on today’s photo.

Second, I wanted to share today’s outfit because a) I love this green cardigan, b) I love pairing it with this white blouse and c) I love that ruffles are feminine, pretty and soft.

Over the weekend, I helped a group of women discover ways to mix and match and this idea of a double-ruffle came up.  One woman bravely donned my shirt and sweater with her brown pants.  You could hear a pin drop.

Then gasps, “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” quickly followed.  And I am guessing the woman who tried it on will be wearing it when I see her in June for her shopping package!

Quickly, a few words about why this double-ruffle concept works.

  • The ruffles on the shirt and sweater are different sizes and types
  • There is color contrast between the two items
  • Both pieces (shirt and sweater) are monotone
  • The ruffles are both vertical in nature

Outfit details:

  • Green ruffled cardigan sweater with gold buttons: Talbots petites
  • White blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT petites
  • Striped skirt: Talbots petites (I wore this in an earlier post)
  • Gold leaf necklace: Von Maur
  • Brown croc patent shoes: Macy’s, Stewart Weitzman

As my own confidence with clothing has changed and grown, I’ve become significantly more daring.  It’s more fun to get ready, it’s more rewarding when people – especially complete strangers – compliment me and it’s opened the doors in terms of how many outfits I can make out of the pieces I buy.

Are you ready to learn how to be more daring, stand out as unique and have more fun getting dressed?  Fabuliss can help!  See for more information or contact me at

To see other women bravely wearing dresses and skirts and sharing them with all of us, visit


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