Fabuliss Helps Kathy Look Confident, Feminine & Flirty for Her Pampered Photo Shoot

Kathy in MarchI worked with Kathy, pictured above, in March to make outfits out of a lightly filled closet.  The above was one of the cute outfits we put together for date night.

Since then, she has been shopping a few times and wanted to show off her stunning new looks with a Fabuliss Pampered Photo Shoot session.

With this fun session, Kathy received digital files that she can upload or print anywhere – as a gift, as a profile picture or for her own personal photo collection.

She also learned hair and make-up tips, how to accessorize, how to mix and match outfits and how to pose for pictures outside the photo studio.

Kathy in 4 outfits

Kathy brought her new clothes to our professional studio and had her hair and make-up professionally done while I put outfits together using her pieces and some of mine to create four looks. From left to right, every day casual, professional event, date night and girl’s night.

The every day casual look is a simple t-shirt paired with jeans and a cardigan.  The layered necklaces and metallic sandals go a long way to making Kathy look more polished and put together.

Professional Outfit DetailsKathy’s professional look combines a gorgeous cotton ruffle tank in a blue that really flatters her skin tone, with a basic creme blazer and black pants.  The addition of a gold leaf necklace adds sophistication to the look and coordinates with a woven metallic belt to cinch her waist.

Date Night OutfitIt’s safe to say that Kathy has found her feminine side.  This pink dress with a draped neck works great on her figure and will be perfect for summer weddings, parties and date nights.  We tried a few necklaces and ultimately settled on this statement necklace that builds the feminine story.  A gold pump with a pointy toe helps draw attention to and elongates Kathy’s amazing legs.

Kathys Girls Night Out LookLast but not least, is a fun and flirty look that’s perfect for a night out with the girls.  A blush colored sequin top is a great way to feel like a million bucks.  We paired it with denim for a dressed up casual look.  With this top, we chose a simple necklace, a pop of color for the wrist (which could also be in the form of a clutch) and the gold pumps to complete a very fun look.

Are you ready to jump start your style and star in a photo shoot?

Contact me at hello@fabuliss.com to learn more about how to prepare for camera-ready confidence.  Find out more about packages at Fabuliss.com.

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8 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Kathy Look Confident, Feminine & Flirty for Her Pampered Photo Shoot”

  1. Dorothy Noud Says:

    Kathy is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Says:

    They suit her so well

  3. tea_hon Says:

    Gorgeous, radiant, charismatic, confident–she looks like someone who’s really enjoying her life.

  4. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:

    Wow! Great looks!
    I really like the pink dress – and she looks wonderful in it!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Everyone. You made my day!

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