Smart Casual Outfit for First of June…Is It Summer Yet?

Today's outfit

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I had a networking/planning meeting today with a couple of women, which didn’t require a power outfit so I went with a more relaxed, but smart, outfit.

  • Cotton green ruffled sweater: Talbots petites, still love the color, ruffle detail and gold buttons.
  • Cotton floral printed blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT petites, wish this shirt had a little spandex in it, but overall, one of my favorite spring/summer tops.
  • Denim skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT petites, I wear this skirt so much, I hope it lasts through the season!
  • Gold leaf necklace: Von Maur, definitely a good necklace as it has yet to start showing any wear.
  • Silk espadrilles: Lauren from Macy’s, I just saw they are selling these shoes in different colors at the Southdale Macy’s.

Are you ready to shape up your smart casual look?  Fabuliss can help!

Contact me at or visit for more information.

See also: to see real women in dresses and skirts.


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2 Responses to “Smart Casual Outfit for First of June…Is It Summer Yet?”

  1. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:

    And for your followers who didn’t get to see you in person – you looked great. Including a snappy little umbrella to keep the raindrops at bay!

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