Final Leg of Summer Black-Out 2010…Check

Outfits from Thursday Friday

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Here are my Thursday & Friday outfits, in honor of Sally McGraw and her Already Pretty blog challenge.

Thursday (left):

  • Magenta linen/cotton jean jacket: Eddie Bauer petites.  I really love this alternative jean jacket – it’s a great color and I’m so happy I went with a smaller size.  It fits me great.  The only drawback is that it’s not as fitted from the back as it is from the front.
  • White ruffle blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT petites.  The shirt is a tad large on but you can’t tell with a jacket over it and it tucked in.
  • Denim skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT petites.  Are you sick of seeing this skirt yet?  Because I’m definitely not sick of wearing it!
  • Blue bead/gold bib necklace: Target
  • Pewter peep toe slingbacks: Cole Haan, Nordstrom

Friday (right):

  • Coral pink shirtdress: Tahari Petite, Nordstrom.  I completely love this color and I’ve always wanted to own a great shirtdress.  This one has a luxurious lining in it and a matching belt with a little elastic in the back and velcro to keep it closed in the front.  Note to self: I need to pull the dress down and collar out, especially for pictures.
  • Navy sweater: Talbots petite
  • Blue bead/gold bib necklace: Target
  • Pewter peep toe slingbacks: Cole Haan, Nordstrom

Already Pretty Summer Black-Out 2010 Banner

{ click to learn more about Already Pretty and see who else participated }

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P.S. See also Summer Of Dresses


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5 Responses to “Final Leg of Summer Black-Out 2010…Check”

  1. fabuliss Says:

    See also: for the first half of the week!

  2. tea_hon Says:

    Both ensembles are perfectly lovely. But that first one is jaw-on-the-floor gorgeous! You know it, too. I can tell by the confidence in your posture.

    I like the new haircut, too.

  3. Paolo Says:

    Thanks for including our jean jacket in your first ensemble. Looks great!

    Paolo, Eddie Bauer

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