Fabuliss Helps Emily Find Shape & Color…Plus an Inspiration Board

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Meet Emily.  Amongst her countless talents, she is the independent marketing/PR/media genius behind the upcoming Summer of Skirts event at Sewtrpoplis!

We shopped her closet last week and found a mix of items she’s purchased and items she’s sewn herself.

A common them in her wardrobe is soft materials – linens, lightweight cotton and some nylon/poly mix.

The outfits above are several that we put together:

  • Left: This is a great casual outfit including a skirt she just made, a purchased cotton sweater and cute strappy sandals.  A wrap top in this gorgeous green would accentuate her waist and help with her proportions beautifully!
  • Center: We took her linen suit and combined it with a FAB pair of pumps and a bright blue shirt.  By untucking the shirt, we smooth out her mid-section.  A tighter fitting shirt would add a lot of shape to her waist.
  • Right: This is my favorite outfit.  Emily made this dress and was worried it was too big.  When we added the belt, it went from big to beautiful!  I love how it flatters her figure and proportions perfectly.  And wow, she completely transformed when wearing these pumps!

During our session, we looked through Emily’s box of fabric and patterns to go over ideas she has and what could work.  In general, I would say the sewing industry is a little behind mainstream fashion in terms of fit as a lot of the illustrations and photos on the pattern packaging seemed too roomy.  That said, Emily has a lot of great ideas that will work for her shape and she can tailor each item to fit her perfectly!

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Here is some additional inspiration for Emily in terms of sewing or shopping, using a mix of items from Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Macy’s and Nordstrom.  The shoes are from Zappos and Endless and the jewelry is from Infrared Studio.

  • Left: This smart casual outfit centers around a great wrap dress from Old Navy.  It’s a fun pattern and great color with a flattering v-neck.  I paired it with a summer jacket from Lane Bryant that will enhance the waist while on while toning down the pattern for work meetings.  A yellow shoe with a low heel will be comfortable AND stylish and a simple necklace tops the look off.
  • Center: I saw a woman in a dress like this one from Nordstrom at last night’s mini expo and she looked fantastic!  Because this dress has a lot of structure, a softer fabric like the white linen one on top can work, as long as it also has seaming to go along with supporting the shape of the dress.  A patterned shoe adds interest and breaks up the solids.  Pair this look with bangles in any color like green horn & resin!
  • Right: This is a dressy outfit perfect for summer.  In this case, a soft fabric in a wrap style works great under a structured jacket.  Pair it with a grey skirt that has some sheen and voila!  These three pieces are all from Nordstrom.  I chose a dark red shoe as a neutral that could be paired with this outfit or the one in the center.  Add some shine around the face with a delicate silver necklace.

Do you need an objective point of view for shopping your closet?  Are you looking for personalized style inspiration that will work for your body and style?  Fabuliss can help!

This recap is a combination of a Personal Style Consultation + a small sample of a Style Inspiration Board.  See Fabuliss.com for more information or contact me via email hello@fabuliss.com or text 612-554-4629.

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5 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Emily Find Shape & Color…Plus an Inspiration Board”

  1. tea_hon Says:

    I love her in that dress–it really shows off her gorgeous legs. The skirt is great, too. That blue is a beautiful color on her.

  2. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:

    Thanks so much! You know it’s so much easier getting dressed after working with Sasha!
    And I got a great hair cut two days later from Woody Theis at Juut Salonspa in Edina – so the transformation is underway!

  3. Fabuliss Says:

    Please note the corrected link to Pro Re Nata Communications: http://www.pro-re-nata-comm.com/

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