Dear Apparel/Accessories Retailers…We Have a Few Ideas For You

On this week’s #stylechat, I asked followers what they want stores to know in terms of what would make shopping for their personal style easier.

I loved what participants had to say and think you should give these ideas some thought.

  • Tailoring. Include this as a service for customers as many of us can’t buy off the rack.  This could be HUGE for your frequent shoppers!
  • We’re over the 80s. If you have women shopping your store who grew up in the 80s, we really don’t want to see this trend come back.  Save these recycled trends – especially the bad ones like jelly shoes and “hyper-plaid” – for the teeny boppers or consider dropping them all together.
  • Carry more mid-range sizes. It’s frustrating when your size sells out on a consistent basis.  Try to be more sensitive and buy according to demand and definitely consider re-stocking.  This applies to clothing and shoes!
  • Cater to special sizes. I am stunned how few stores carry petites and saddened that the selection is generally light.  It’s a good thing I like to shop but think of all the petite women who HATE shopping.  I want the clothes to be more stylish for all ages, I want to try things on in the store like everyone else and I want to see items in my size.
  • Measurements instead of sizes. I love this idea!  Because fit models vary by store, brand, season and style, what about labeling and organizing clothes according to measurements?  This could dramatically cut down on the amount of time we need to spend in the dressing room AND really help online sales…

This list wouldn’t be possible without #stylechat participants @moarinternets @skinnerjones @cogit8r @rightbrainjane @marketingmamamn @bethanyg @devilishdelish @girlmeetsgeek

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