Green, White & Blue…Ruffles, Stripes & Denim

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This casual outfit combines a number of been-there-done-that items you’ve seen in some fashion before.  In general, I’ve been in skirts a lot more than dresses because they are easier to keep ironed.  But I *will* be wearing a dress today!

  • Green cotton sweater: Talbots petite.  This is a great sweater to dress up a look with gold buttons and cute ruffles.
  • Striped cotton shirt: Chaps petite for Kohl’s.  Still love this striped number for every day!
  • Cotton denim skirt: Target.  This skirt doesn’t fit me nearly as good as the Ann Taylor LOFT denim skirt, but it’s an alternative for every day.  It doesn’t fit as good because the waist is huge, despite fitting me in the hips just fine.  It also has a bit more flare than I’d like, making my hips seem larger than I think they are.
  • Gold necklace: Gift.  The simple chain look is a little dressy and a little casual.
  • Caramel wedge sandals: Surprise, these are new!  I got them at DSW after a morning of hurting in another pair of shoes.  I guess you could say they were an unplanned, impulse buy.  They’re very casual but very comfortable!

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