Summer of Dresses…Files #22 and 23

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These outfits are from Thursday and Friday; both photos were taken today.

THURSDAY – I had a couple of meetings with members from a conservative industry so I wanted to look summery yet professional.

  • Striped a-line cotton skirt – Talbots petite.  This skirt goes with every color.  Despite the pink and blue tops not matching exactly, I think it still works!
  • Pink cotton shell – Ann Taylor LOFT petite.  This is a great shell with a lot of shape that cinches my waist.  It’s sleeveless which makes it a comfortable layer for summer.
  • Navy cotton cardigan – Talbots petite.  I love the longer sleeve length on this sweater.  Some days I think the buttons down the front are all party while other days, they are all work.
  • Coral necklace – Macy’s.  This light pink coral actually picks up the light pink in the skirt.  It’s a casual alternative to pearls.
  • Caramel wedge sandals – Report, DSW.  I wasn’t sure if these shoes were too casual but seeing it in the picture, I think they’re OK.  The strappy nature dresses them up a little vs. a plain leather strap.

FRIDAY – this morning I had an appointment to help a Dress For Success Twin Cities client prepare for her new job, a quick stop to meet Becky Sturm at Storm Sister Spatique and lunch with a good friend from high school.

  • Turquoise cotton dress – Alfani petite, Macy’s.  I love the color of this dress!  It’s so vibrant and bold and makes me think of water.  I do think it needs a top layer because my shoulders are a little too strong but it’s a hot day, so I opted to wear as is.
  • Gold multi-chain necklace – Target.  I get so many compliments on this necklace, which was on clearance about a month ago.  It has a beaded mesh “collar” with a bunch of chains in the front.  I love it because it feels a little vintage, pops off bold colors and dresses up cotton.
  • Pewter slingbacks – Cole Haan, Macy’s.  Comfortable, dressy and sassy!

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