Fabuliss Helps Deanna Shop for Affordable, Figure-Flattering Outfits

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The main mission for Deanna’s shopping trip was to find the outfit above – for her sister’s rehearsal dinner in wine country.

  • We found the navy Simply Vera Wang poly “Scribble Skirt” first.  The elastic waist and pleated front makes it appealing from a comfort and camouflage standpoint.  Note that it runs about 2 sizes too large (it comes in S – XL).
  • Initially, Deanna wanted to find a navy top…until I came into the dressing room with everything but navy!  This berry top is a great color on her, completely covers any sign of a bra and is a generous scoop neck without being revealing.
  • Her first instinct was to leave the top untucked.  As soon as she tucked it in and added a belt, she instantly lost weight.  This black stretch belt with a metal buckle helps cinch the waist while adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Deanna picked out cut black beads that will shine and sparkle beautifully in low lighting.  A shorter length helps her proportions – we don’t want to make her look short-waisted.  And a double layer (or multi-layer necklace, as shown) increases the put-together appeal.
  • A black patent pump would look good with this outfit…but a pair of silver metallic pumps will look WOW!
  • Clutch options could include grey, silver metallic, a dark burgundy or black.

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We accidentally found this grey sheath dress and Deanna couldn’t resist.  It’s something she can wear to a variety of occasions from a job interview to worship services.

  • The wide set straps on the top half of the sheath dress help to balance out her hips, while the belt helps to emphasize her little waist.
  • A variety of necklaces and jewelry could be paired with this outfit, including the multi-layer necklace featured above.
  • Because grey is a neutral color, this dress could be paired with any colored shoe.  A wine or a mauve color would be a pretty, colorful contrast with this outfit.
  • This ivory cardigan is a great summer addition to cover up the arms for climate control or for a more professional environment.  The fit of the sweater will ensure Deanna’s narrower shoulders look balanced with her hips and will reinforce her waist.  Almost any color sweater would work with this dress.
  • Handbag options could include any color!

Featured items are from Kohl’s, Herberger’s and Target.

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2 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps Deanna Shop for Affordable, Figure-Flattering Outfits”

  1. Dorothy Noud Says:

    Deanna looks Fabuliss!!!! How pretty. yet sophisticated! DN

  2. Kelly Novak Says:

    Sasha –
    Well hello! I was wondering how you were doing and what you were up to. From what I see you are doing a great job. I think I will give you a shout this Fall to help me out too!
    Kelly Novak

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