Fabuliss Helps Lori Edit Her Closet…and Create a “Donate” Pile

Meet Lori, a marketing executive who wanted help with specific items in terms of what to keep and throw, including the dress above, which is a perfect dress for vacations – colorful, cool and full of personality.

As she went through her closet, a couple of themes emerged:

  • She has a lot of black and white outfits
  • She has a lot of brown and white outfits
  • Her pants, which fit her on the waist, have too much volume in the legs
  • Her Bernese Mountain Dogs – Griffin and Mika – are not camera shy

{ click to enlarge }

The first outfit Lori tried on is the brown ensemble above, left.  I like the top – it’s fitted, has a good neckline for Lori and is a good length on her petite frame.

She was also wondering about the skirt length.  I approve, because it’s at the slim part of her ankle.  If it were any longer or shorter, it would not work.  We can see that she indeed has feet and legs and the skirt isn’t emphasizing her legs at the widest part of her calves.

I had her try on a colored top (above, right) with the skirt to show her that the tan skirt could be paired with just about any color – not just brown.  Mika approved!

{ click to enlarge }

Lori tried on several pants outfits – all of which were cute – but I couldn’t get over the pants.  She has *tiny* legs but you’d never know it with the full cut of these pants.

She will need to look for pants with much less fabric – like a slim, skinny or straight cut – to show off her legs.

{ click to enlarge }

While pants are tough, the right skirts and dresses can be extremely flattering.  The outfits above are a few of my favorites that we snapped photos of:

  • Left: While this is an all-brown dress, the pattern keeps it interesting.  She could pair this with a set of gold necklaces or colored beads.  It’s a great fit that shows off her great figure is a perfect length.
  • Center: One of the reasons I like this dress is because it’s not black or brown.  It’s a cute print – a little vintage – with a contemporary shape/cut.  Oh, and that’s Griffin posing with Lori.
  • Right: This jacket and skirt outfit is definitely my favorite.  I got so excited about this because the wrap top with a tie at the waist is so flattering on her shape and overall, it’s a sophisticated look for an executive.

Thanks to this closet review, I took a full armload of gently and barely worn items to Dress for Success Twin Cities, knowing they will find a good home.

{ Fabuliss helps you discover and express your personal style for camera-ready confidence. }

{ Fabuliss.com, hello@fabuliss.com, text or call 612-554-4629 }


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