Fabuliss Helps Jennie Make the Most of a Denim Skirt

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Jennie is a full-time mom and part-time photographer, adjusting to her post-baby curves.

We shopped her closet for items that would keep her hips and shoulders balanced while emphasizing her waist.

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It turns out that one of her most versatile items was a denim skirt.  Not surprising – this is something I wear almost daily!

She has a lot of cute tops with feminine details and colors to change up the look of the skirt.

And she has *great* shoes from sequined sandals to zebra flats to knee-high boots!

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As Jennie continues to shop on a budget, she should look for wrap tops and structured cardigans, v-necks, fitted button-down shirts and sweetheart necklines.

For working with clients, a short capri at the knee will keep her cool while allowing her to move around.  A longer capri is great for date night or going out with the girls.  A mid-length short is perfect for happy hour on a patio and a patterned skirt would be nice for summer weddings and parties.

Items featured are from Kmart, Kohl’s and JCPenney.

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