Look What I Made at Sewtropolis…a.k.a. Summer of I Can Sew a Skirt

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Here it is, my first serious sewing project.  And I have to say, it was actually pretty easy!

When I think about the fact that this is an a-line skirt with a box cut and a lining, it’s daunting.  Daunting because I never took to sewing machines.  I took Interior Design instead of Home Economics in high school and somehow never got familiar with my mom’s sewing machine.

So I took a Skirts class at Sewtropolis with Nikol Gianopoulos in her adorable sewing studio – the only one of its kind in the Twin Cities.  I got to select my own pattern and fabric, plus I got to make the skirt to my measurements.

The a-line skirt has to be the most universally flattering skirt in the world.  For my curvy figure, a hem at the knee is best for my legs.  For someone with slender legs, a shorter cut would work great to show them off and create curves.

The box pleat in the front adds a classic, tailored detail, perfect for cotton.  Stripes add to the tailored look and help to elongate and slim.

And, now that I have a pattern that fits me, I can remake this skirt as many times as I want, using a different fabric each time.

With the help of Nikol’s experienced sewing skills and patient teaching style, plus additional sewing support and encouragement from Emily Schroeder, a mutual friend, I have a new skirt for summer.

Special thanks to Emily Schroeder and Pro Re Nata Communications for introducing me to Nikol and Sewtropolis, as well as for being the idea and PR engine behind Summer of Skirts.

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One Response to “Look What I Made at Sewtropolis…a.k.a. Summer of I Can Sew a Skirt”

  1. Stacie Says:

    Congratulations, Sasha! That skirt is awesome, and I love the yellow color. Nice job.

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