The 6 Items or Less Experiment…What Would I Wear?

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Have you heard about Six Items or Less?  It’s an international movement that is challenging people see what happens when they pare down to six clothing items (undergarments, shoes and accessories not included) for 30 days.

It started in June and is well underway so I have a good excuse to not participate.  But would I?  And what would be on my essentials list?

First, let’s start with my picks, shown above:

  1. The navy dress is a perfect a-line that can be dressed up or down.
  2. This raspberry linen denim jacket is great for a more polished look in a lightweight fabric I can tolerate in the heat.
  3. This denim skirt – the one I wear at least every other day – is definitely on the list.
  4. A striped cotton shirt is great for casual days.
  5. This green sweater can be casual with a denim skirt or dressier, playing off the gold buttons.
  6. A silk shell is essential for summer and this brown pattern goes with just about everything.

Second, I figure I can get six outfits out of these items.  Given the fact I’m not out every single day, I could probably stretch six outfits out over 10 days.  So technically, I would only repeat myself three times over 30 days.

I think my biggest problem would be that even though I’ve chosen items that can be dressed up or down, honestly, I would feel anxious and crabby wearing the same six outfits for an entire month.  But that’s just me.

Would you consider doing the challenge?  If yes, what would your motivation be?  What are your essentials?  Is six items too many or too few?

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One Response to “The 6 Items or Less Experiment…What Would I Wear?”

  1. Fabuliss Says:

    Here’s what Fabuliss friend Marcie selected for her six items:
    1) jeans
    2) jean capris
    3) tan capris
    4) white short sleeve shirt – tshirt material, but a little nicer than a tshirt
    5) colorful short sleeve shirt (same as above)
    6) colorful cardigan sweater (mine is green)

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