Fabuliss Helps Brooke Accessorize for Girls’ Night…a.k.a. a Bachelorette Party

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Brooke won one of my July consultations and opted for advice styling an outfit for an upcoming bachelorette party (not to be confused with a party to watch The Bachelorette!).

Because I haven’t met Brooke in person, I pulled several looks together to inspire ideas for shopping based on the Express dress she bought.

She had mentioned possibly purchasing red heels to go with this dress, so these looks are based on the assumption she’s not too shy.

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1. Vintage

The ruffles on this skirt inspired the vintage look, made up of pieces that will add sparkle and shine to a dark dress.

  • Kate Spade Faceted Floral Accent Necklace, Nordstrom – This pretty necklace adds a soft sparkle to the dress.  It’s an investment piece (on sale during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale – ends 7/31/10) that can dress up a number of different looks.
  • Merona Bow Clutch Dark Red, Target – You don’t have to pay a lot for clutches if you reserve them for special occasions.  This clutch reminds me of one that could be from the 60s (think Mad Men).  The deep red color has sophistication written all over it.
  • Mossimo Payge Platform Bronze Peep-Toe Pumps, Target – A pair of bronze shoes finishes off this romantic look without overpowering the other accessories, while elongating the legs.

I recommend a black belt with dark sequins or beads to draw attention to a cinched waist while ensuring Brooke looks as tall as possible.

2. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Another angle to take on this black dress is to contrast with the ruffles.

I recommend a black or dark silver leather belt with stud-like details.

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3. Glamour

To give an elegant spin to this dress, it’s all about sparkle and shine.

I recommend a black ribbon-like belt with a small bow or flower detail.  It could be velvety or satiny to add texture to the look.

4. Flirty

Well, it is girl’s night so if you want to turn the flirt on, these bold and fun accessories.

I recommend a simple skinny belt with a little sheen to minimize a look that says “too much.”

See also: Brooke’s blog Hick Life for the City Chick where we’ll be checking back for photos from this weekend’s party, or follow Brooke on Twitter.

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  1. Fabuliss Says:

    See the Fabuliss look Brooke pulled together based on these outfit ideas http://yfrog.com/i38ttwj!

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