Fabuliss Helps She’s Geeky Twin Cities Learn More About Style

This past weekend, Fabuliss teamed up with Gretchen Ditto of Ditto & Co. and sponsored She’s Geeky Twin Cities, an event for women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields together to meet, network and learn.

Geek to Gorgeous

As part of promoting the 2-day event, She’s Geeky selected a registered attendee for a makeover.  The lucky winner was Tina, an employee at Target headquarters.

The first thing we did was clean out Tina’s closet.  She has a big closet and it was filled to the rim.

The majority of clothes that landed in the giveaway pile (above)  were due to Tina’s recent weight loss.  In fact, we cleared out about 70% of her closet because the clothes did not fit.

The next piece of business was to help her create an outfit to wear to She’s Geeky.  She opted for red and khaki, the company’s store dress code which some corporate employees wear on Thursdays.

{ click to enlarge }

The outfit on the left is an outfit Tina would wear to work.  While both the top and skirt are cute, they feel more weekend than working professional.

The outfit on the right, made with pieces in Tina’s closet, present a much more professional look.  It’s also figure flattering and the red color is more complimentary to Tina’s skin tone.

Tina generously agreed to join us at She’s Geeky on Friday and Saturday mornings to talk about her experience and what she learned during our Geek to Gorgeous sessions.  She also sported a brand new outfit that she picked out after our session – and she looked amazing!

For each session, we talked about how we worked with Tina and she shared the experience from her point of view.

Initially, she was in shock and she went through a mourning period over the sheer volume in the giveaway pile, as well as the sentimental pieces she decided to part with.  Then her resilience took over and she went shopping for the items we put on her shopping list.

She says that shopping is harder because she has more to think about.

Our translation of this is that she will save money and look amazing because she will think differently about her purchases – from color to fit to a polished look.

1st Impression Analysis

The 1st Impression Analysis session on Friday afternoon was an informal opportunity for women to get group feedback, based on the fact that it takes 7 seconds for people to form a first impression.

One woman received positive feedback about the jewelry her sister makes.  She was concerned it was too long, but given her short hair and the size of the jewelry, it was a perfect fit.

Another woman got ideas for how to approach a co-worker, who’s style choices are getting in the way of credibility and career growth.

There was also a great exchange about how one woman’s shoe choice made her more credible with developers, which brought to light how important it is to consider your audience when selecting what to buy and/or wear.

On a Scale from 1 to 10…Professional Dress

{ click to enlarge }

On Saturday morning, we went through an in-depth review of professional dress and shoes – from extremely conservative to casual.

There were a few items that merited discussion:

  • Skirts are considered more dressy than pants
  • Layers are recommended, even on the casual end of the scale
  • Untucked shirts are more casual than tucked
  • Nude nylons are recommended for pairing with a conservative skirt
  • Closed toe shoes are more professional
  • Shoes with a sheen are dressier than a flat leather

She’s Geeky Goes to Macy’s

For our last session, we went on a field trip to Macy’s in downtown St. Paul.

Gretchen helped one attendee find a great top for layering (above).  The colors are perfect for her skin and the pattern works for her tall frame and curly hair.

Both Gretchen and I really enjoyed learning about the unconference meeting format, connecting with a group of incredible women and helping She’s Geeky attendees learn more about style.  We also look forward to helping She’s Geeky women one-on-one!

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping.  Fabuliss.com or 612-554-4629 }


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4 Responses to “Fabuliss Helps She’s Geeky Twin Cities Learn More About Style”

  1. Emily Schroeder Orvik Says:

    Love Tina’s new look with the red jacket and khaki skirt! Cute!

    Pretty patterned top from Macy’s on the field trip! Would love to see the outfit options with that!

    • Fabuliss Says:

      Thanks, Emily! Tina looks seriously amazing :)

      Macy’s top: dark pants or skirt (navy/denim, grey or black) paired with a jacket or cardigan would be perfect.

  2. Paula Anderson Says:

    The skirt on the right is much more flattering on Tina too!

    Great job Sasha,

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