9/5/2010 #Stylechat Recap

Below is a slightly modified recap of Sunday night’s #stylechat on Twitter.  The modifications affect the order and groupings of tweets, not the actual tweets.

It was wonderful to have a great crowd and as you can see, it was a lively hour of great conversation!


  • @DatingCoachKK Thanks! I am new to the whole Tweetchat things so forgive me if I am quiet
  • @MNGurl1183 Thanks so much. I am excited this evening.

All right…let’s get started! Q1 What does Smart Casual look like to you?

  • @MNGurl1183 Smart casual means nice buttoned down polo shirt and a black pair of pants and closed toe shoes.
  • @365daygirl Q1: mixing it up: either something pro on top casual on bottom (blouse + jeans) OR elegant bottom casual top (boy beater + skirt)
  • @Fabuliss Q1 Smart casual def can have jeans as a basis. Two layers on top are a must and accessories are key :)
  • @365daygirl smart casual is comfortable with chic touches.
  • @MNGurl1183 Also I think Smart casual depends also on the weather/season as well
  • @mrobin032009 smart casual: For me it’s a trouser jean & a cotton top nicely accessorized with a chunky necklace & a tailored shoe/low boot.
  • @sweetweetak smart casual = nice pullover or cardigan with a pair of grey slacks or dress jeans, pumps and nice layered pearls Chanel style
  • @Fabuliss I love all the trouser jeans available in different cuts now :)
  • @Fabuliss Great description! RT @365daygirl: smart casual is comfortable with chic touches.
  • @sweetweetak @MNgurl1183 @fabuliss I agree depends on where and what but pearls and heels keep it polished and slacks, casual
  • @Fabuliss Great descriptions of Smart Casual! Sounds like you all understand the concept :)
  • @mrobin032009 #stylechat My favorite trouser jean right now is made by Lee believe it or not & it doesn’t look old lady. It’s a nice dark wash.
  • @Fabuliss Thx for sharing! RT @mrobin032009: #stylechat My favorite trouser jean right now is made by Lee…Its a nice dark wash

Shoes/Heels Discussion

  • @sweetweetak @MNgurl1183 I consider heels cause I hardly wear flats except in a boot maybe but flats can be snazzy too
  • @MNGurl1183 @sweetweetak true. I never really learned how to walk in heels
  • @Fabuliss @MNGurl1183 I’ll teach you :) Need to get a good quality pair of heels first though…
  • @MNGurl1183 @fabuliss well I like platforms. Boots are great too. I have a pair of Uggs I love.
  • @mrobin032009 The only flats I wear are sandals & cross trainers
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss @MNgurl1183 I live in Alaska and wear boots (with heels) a lot but snow doesn’t deter my fancy footwork in heels
  • @MNGurl1183 @sweetweetak interesting. Ya I like boots and flats. I have had chunky knee high boots and that has been fun.
  • @365daygirl @sweetweetak I hear you there! #slc chicks are known for daring the snow in heels too :) just like knowing how to drive in it
  • @mrobin032009 I love heels – all types – at 5′ 4″ I always feel short without them on. Love the nice elongated line it gives my legs too.
  • @sweetweetak @365daygirl indeed. Watch out for girls in heels with slick driving moves and smartly, casually dressed
  • @Fabuliss @mrobin032009 Me too…I am more petite than you and heels are a MUST for height and to make me slimmer.
  • @bradwellman Sounds like @KaceeMaree, ha :) RT @mrobin032009: The only flats I wear are sandals & cross trainers

Q2 Where do you wear Smart Casual?

  • @mrobin032009 Q2: Fridays at the office, out for dinner & drinks with girlfriends, to Mass on Sunday – All appropriate for me.
  • @MNGurl1183 @fabuliss I would say I would wear smart casual at work, church, and when going out with my friends.
  • @sweetweetak Smart casual is flexible. It depends. But it can work for meetings, school events w/kids – happy hour with the girls
  • @MNGurl1183 @sweetweetak happy hours rock :D
  • @365daygirl Q2: meeting a guys parents, getting coffee w/ a new colleague, client, dinner after work, etc. :)
  • @365daygirl Q2: and of course any day at the office when I want to dress down a little.
  • @skinnerjones hi – sorry i’m late! i wear smart casual to drinks with the girls, dinner with the hubs, floral meetings w/clients!
  • @MNGurl1183 I agree @365daygirl casual dress can work almost anywhere I would say. But I know there are certain guidelines in places
  • @sweetweetak @skinnerjones you piped in with the right answer and smart casual is always …smart

Q3 What stores do you shop for Smart Casual pieces?

  • @sweetweetak Shopping….depends where I am but do plenty online and at Nordy’s here in town
  • @365daygirl Q3: Express has some great basics – good lines & cuts. I can find something smart just about anywhere tho.
  • @MNGurl1183 @fabuliss Macys, JCpennys, um Ann Taylor Loft, um I can’t think of any others off hand.
  • @mrobin032009 Q3: For smart casual tops – I find good stuff at TJ Maxx. DSW is a staple for shoes/boots.
  • @MNGurl1183 sometimes its hard to find smart casual clothes for a size 16 girl (well I think)
  • @DatingCoachKK Q3: I believe like any item in your closet SC pieces can be purchased anywhere but choosing the right cuts and look is important
  • @skinnerjones @fabuliss i love Gap for pants, and a mix of nordtsrom (cardigans), h&m, urban, anthropologie & f21 (fun prints & tanks) 4 tops!
  • @Fabuliss Q3 Great answers. I agree – mix and match from different places. That’s what makes your style personal/unique.
  • @sweetweetak @mrobin032009 love TJs too but only when I’m out of state we don’t have one here :(
  • @MNGurl1183 F21 is totally great! But its like its for like all skinny people (not like I am hating) Its just a statement
  • @mrobin032009 Once in a while I find cute things to layer with at Gap or Old Navy (thanks for the reminder @skinnerjones)
  • @fabuliss Q3 That second layer on top is really critical…don’t skip it! And don’t forget to wear at least 1 visible accessory.
  • @365daygirl @skinnerjones Gap and Forever 21 are awesome. Anthropoligie has great feminine romantic items too :)
  • @sweetweetak @datingCoachkk agree. Pick what you love w/best fit and style – heard @kirstiealley had great finds @target
  • @DatingCoachKK I find ppl tend to buy bcs it looks good on the hanger hoping they can work it into their style vs buying w/ intent & their style
  • @WhereitBlooms Francesca’s Maple Grove for inexpensive accessories @hm great basics, @jcrew @bananarepublic for sweaters, Len Druskin Outlet!

Q3b What are essential items for Smart Casual style?

  • @sweetweetak Essentials for smart = some kind of knit top and polishing off with accessries (like pearls) and other funky stuff
  • @sweetweetak don’t know why I’m stuck on the Coco Chanel look but I am and she wore nice textured clothing and I love knit looks good all day
  • @365daygirl @fabuliss Q3b: cardigan, suit jacket, knits, modern but clean looking jewelry styles, wrist cuffs, boot cut jeans
  • @mrobin032009 A basic v-neck lighterweight long sleeved sweater in a charcoal gray plus I’m into hip length v-neck cotton tops w/embroidery now
  • @365daygirl Q3b: and def some opaque tights like from Hue.
  • @skinnerjones @fabuliss Q3b cardigan or jacket, statement accessory, great fitting pants
  • @sweetweetak I forgot to incorporate the blazer, of course #stylechat thanks @365daygirl
  • @DatingCoachKK Q3b: access, shoes, jackets, layered tops & color I think play key in this look they can dress it up or down
  • @mrobin032009 I love Silpada Jewelry – I had 1 party & earned like $750 worth of their jewelry. I agree w/ @sweetweetak blazers are a staple.
  • @sweetweetak @mrobin032009 me too love the embroidery and have to incorporate the vees into wardrobe for sure
  • @sweetweetak any particular colors that stand out in smart casual picks ?
  • @sweetweetak @mrobin032009 Just heard about Silpada and I looove my silver layered jewelry = smart, casual, fun.
  • @MNGurl1183 oooh question what color(s) are popular for this fall?
  • @sweetweetak @skinnerjones great fitting pants are key for smart style
  • @365daygirl I think it’s important to choose your statement piece & harmonize the rest: artsie graphic tee w/ clean jewelry OR dynamic bling
  • @mrobin032009 My basics are brown, grey & black & then I add pops of color. Silpada uses nice wood & earthy stones in their pieces too.
  • @Fabuliss Q3b Essentials: dark wash jeans (no crazy embellishments/rips/shredding), shells, top layers, stmnt necklace, pointy-toed shoes
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss oh there you are! :)
  • @Fabuliss Hi, sorry, had to take a quick call! I’m back…
  • @Fabuliss Re colors. If you have brown hair & brown eyes, browns are ALWAYS perfect for you!
  • @365daygirl @mrobin032009 I agree – work with the palette of the season – dark earthy tones and then add striking color here and there.
  • @Fabuliss If you have blue eyes, greys and most blues will ALWAYS be perfect for you.
  • @lostplum @MNgurl1183 orchid, chocolate, red (as always), nude, and jade ( colours for fall #stylechat)
  • @Fabuliss If you have cool green eyes, go with greys. If you have warm green eyes, go with browns.
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss I think that textured slacks also or skirts like tweed crisp white shirt, cardigan and chunky bracelets + pearls
  • @MNGurl1183 @lostplum Hey Kate. Thanks for joining in
  • @Fabuliss Try to pick 2 neutrals – 1 dark, 1 light & 2 pops of color to simplify shopping/dressing each season.
  • @365daygirl grey is so sexy smart and sophisticated – I think it’s an under appreciated neutral.
  • @365daygirl @fabuliss for sure – but you can wear just about any color below the waist :)
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss yes browns mixed with paprika colors, tans fall-feeling can you tell I’m ready for winter?
  • @mrobin032009 I have like only one pair of navy shoes. I find that Black & brown are much more versatile.
  • @Fabuliss @sweetweetak My only caution re texture is to keep it in check with your texture (hair) and proportion (body size).
  • @sweetweetak @365daygirl @fabuliss – by George, she’s right! below the belt dressing, go for it.
  • @MNGurl1183 @lostplum glad you can participate in #stylechat
  • @skinnerjones colors…always love black, brown, grey and lately loving more taupe/nude colors
  • @fabuliss If you have big hips go with dark colors on bottom & light/patterns on top. Small hips (broad shoulders), flip equation.
  • @mrobin032009 I’m not afraid of texture in a jacket though – think it looks great in the fall/winter.
  • @DatingCoachKK Agreed re: texture, you don’t want to be a big women in small text and visa versa
  • @Fabuliss But in general, more color options on bottom is a go @36gdaygirl!
  • @Fabuliss @mrobin032009 Re shoes…love dark reds and purples. They go with everything too! Brown, black, navy, grey…
  • @mrobin032009 @fabuliss Agreed about the dark red shoes. I have a couple of go-to pair in my closet now.
  • @WhereitBlooms I’m having a hard time breaking from black! I feel drab in browns but do love grey. Also really into plaid shirts these days
  • fabuliss @WhereitBlooms What color is your hair/are your eyes?
  • @sweetweetak Ck out my grey flannelish pumps w a bit of red #stylechat http://twitpic.com/2lpmij
  • @Fabuliss @sweetweetak Wow, they let you wear those in Alaska? H-O-T :)
  • @MNGurl1183 @sweetweetak thos are totally cute
  • @mrobin032009 @sweetweetak Love those pumps!
  • sweetweetak @mrobin032009 me too got them at Dillards in TX 4 yrs ago and wore them in Jan this year

Discussion About the Color Grey

  • @MNGurl1183 I always think of Grey as dull though?
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 no way! grey is strong but soft – think mountain slate or granite. & the color often has great texture to it already
  • @sweetweetak @MNgurl1183 greys with magenta or indigo. Not boring – love greys with white too.
  • @mrobin032009 I’m with @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 I love charcoal gray.
  • @Fabuliss @MNgurl1183 Spice up grey with pops of color if it feels too dark/boring. It is practical and very classic.
  • @MNGurl1183 @sweetweetak @365daygirl thanks. Will look out for gray clothes. CC:@mrobin032009
  • @sweetweetak @mrobin032009 @365daygirl yep, greys are waiting to be popped with color and I like texture of a fabric here and there
  • @365daygirl @mrobin032009 I use grey a lot in my “smart casual” makeup designs too :) wonderful eyeliner or shadow.
  • @sweetweetak grey has many possibilities like black only friendlier
  • @Fabuliss I think we’ve convinced @mngurl1183 that grey is a-ok :) Nice job, ladies!

Makeup & Hair Discussion

  • @mrobin032009 @365daygirl A smokey eye is a nice touch to the smart casual evening look.
  • @365daygirl @mrobin032009 absolutely! you can even “soften” black to grey by applying it very lightly.
  • @MNGurl1183 ah yes makeup. I feel like I never know what colors for eyeshadow looks good@WhereitBlooms Ditto!
  • @MNgurl1183 on the eye make-up. Feeling like now that I’m getting older I should do more matte on the eyes.
  • @WhereitBlooms What are makeup trends? I love my NEW Chanel polish http://www.stylelist.com/2010/06/18/chanels-fall-2010-makeup-paradoxal/
  • @MNGurl1183 anyone here good with makeup tips? that coincides with fashion?
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 sure do – hit me up with your questions! need help w/ basics, trying new colors, designing, etc?
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 getting good at doing your own makeup is necessary – makeup artists are cool but only for special occasions I think.
  • @MNGurl1183 @skinnerjones oooh and @beautybets is Minnesotan YAY
  • @sweetweetak @365daygirl makeup is an art for sure
  • @MNGurl1183 @365daygirl I wish I had an extra me who could do my hair and makeup everyday #justsayin
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 lol, I hear ya – though I am ok w/ the makeup part (always under 30m) – hair help would be awesome.
  • @mrobin032009 @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 Agree doing your makeup takes practice & time. Learned some great tips from the artist who did my wedding
  • @MNGurl1183 @365daygirl I always feel like I can’t style my hair much. Just always use my GHDs to straighten it.
  • @mrobin032009 @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 I admire women who have the time to do their makeup perfectly every day #NotMe
  • @MNGurl1183 @mrobin032009 same here. Or I just feel rushed so only do blusher.
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 what’s the texture of it? my is super fine so I style carefully – otherwise it gets loaded down or super tangled.
  • @MNGurl1183 @365daygirl my hair is thick. I tend to get it thinned out at salons at times.
  • @365daygirl @mrobin032009 time is certainly an issue – but getting smart products & have good skin helps a lot. 15m to design is the usual :)
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 you still have a lot of options – esp. if it takes curling well. braiding, twisting, using hair accessories, etc.
  • @mrobin032009 @365daygirl I always do foundation, lipstick, mascara & regular blush. On a good day I add contour to cheeks. But eye shadow=rare
  • @MNGurl1183 @365daygirl I want to braid my hair just don’t know how.
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 really? how interesting…hmm…I’m sure there’s a tutorial on youtube out there somewhere :)
  • @MNGurl1183 @365daygirl I am more the can you do it instead girl haha…..
  • @365daygirl @MNGurl1183 lol, yeah…I can’t do a proper French braid to save my life.
  • @MNGurl1183 Sad. I should head to bed soon. But onje last question!
  • @mrobin032009 @MNgurl1183 That’s what those websites are that let you virtually try on different hair styles are for.

Q4 How much do trends drive your Smart Casual looks?

  • @Fabuliss Q4 I try trends now and then and embrace what works for me. For example, metallics and ruffles are now staples.
  • @Fabuliss Q4 In general tho I don’t chase trends b/c most won’t ever work for me…
  • @mrobin032009 Q4: I don’t always jump on the trends immediately because I don’t like to see myself walking down the street.
  • @365daygirl Q4: I look to trends for dynamic pieces – it’s easy enough to have the classic staples but I like getting accessory inspiration.
  • @mrobin032009 I bought an argyle sweater last season that I never wore, so I’ll pull it out this season & wear it.
  • @sweetweetak guess my flannel shoes were kinda trendy :)
  • @365daygirl Q4: or there might be an intriguing trend in texture or color that I can add to my basics.
  • @sweetweetak Trends are meant to be just that – a flash in the pan fun thing so If I must go there I don’t invest too much in it
  • @skinnerjones i like to add one more trendy piece & keep the other pieces more classic.
  • @WhereitBlooms I spend less on the trends but more on my basics. Also, shoes I spend more on. Always heard that bags/shoes you should spend
  • @Fabuliss @WhereitBlooms Yes, if you heavily use something like bags (daily) and shoes (change out at least every other day), INVEST!
  • @mrobin032009 Trendy accessories for me also means my purse. I have a huge collection of bags that I pull in & out of my wardrobe.
  • @Fabuliss Fab! RT @skinnerjones: i like to add one more trendy piece & keep the other pieces more classic.
  • @Fabuliss @365daygirl Love it…”accessory inspiration”
  • @sweetweetak My trendy peep toe boots from this year. But will use them again sometime #stylechat http://twitpic.com/2lpo1p
  • @sweetweetak I love classics but sometimes the devil makes me do it and it makes me happy for awhile.
  • @Fabuliss @mrobin032009 So what’s the best kept secret for changing out bags? Always forget something important…
  • @mrobin032009 I have a hot metallic Fossil bag that I’ll wear a few times this fall, since metals are back in.
  • @365daygirl @fabuliss thanks! the way I see it a trend can be a breath of fresh air, a new take on something. just don’t chase them all lol!
  • @skinnerjones yes – a fab bag can b enough of a statement! RT @mrobin032009: Trendy accessories for me also means my purse.
  • @fabuliss @sweetweetak Thx for sharing your shoe pics!
  • @sweetweetak @mrobin032009 I’m afraid of metallics not sure why.
  • @365daygirl @skinnerjones totally! I just redesigned my own bag to make more of a signature style statement: http://ht.ly/2zTFk
  • @mrobin032009 I can’t say I have a secret for switching the bag except do it the night before instead of in the morning when you are in a rush.
  • @sweetweetak I”m a shoe freak and a #stylechat
  • @mrobin032009 @sweetweetak I picked a light bronze metallic bag that goes with a lot of basics.
  • @sweetweetak Almost 2 yrs old and still love it. Trendy, I know #stylechat http://twitpic.com/2lpq08

OK ladies. Thanks so much for joining/following/participating! Tonight’s winner is @skinnerjones. CONGRATS :)

  • @mrobin032009 Great conversation tonight ladies!
  • @365daygirl @fabuliss woot! love #stylechat, always awesome to chat with you gals! :) thanks! & hope to hear some great things from new girls
  • @Fabuliss @365daygirl I love your DIY style. Still need to see a picture of your closet!
  • @365daygirl @fabuliss lol, TY! perhaps I put the closet up next on my tumblr ;)
  • @skinnerjones No way! So excited. luv your style chats! Thx!
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss are the closets the windows to our soul in your book?
  • @Fabuliss @sweetweetak That’s a fun way to think of closets (windows to our souls). For me, window to my personal style…
  • @MNGurl1183 @skinnerjones congrats on the win.
  • @sweetweetak @fabuliss windows to who we think we are ,….more like it.
  • @sweetweetak My fav classic accessory #stylechat never gets old http://twitpic.com/2lpry1
  • @Fabuliss TY to @MNgurl1183 @DatingCoachKK @365daygirl @mrobin032009 @sweetweetak @skinnerjones @lostplum @whereitblooms @moarinternets
  • @MNGurl1183 @fabuliss I had a blast! Thanks to u! *claps hands*
  • @sweetweetak @365daygirl fun fun…thanks @fabuliss and MNgurl1182 @skinnerjones (the winner jones) @datingcoachkk @whereitblooms
  • @moarinternets @fabuliss thanks for #stylechat!
  • @sweetweetak so much fun in such a very short time with #stylechat now I’m late to finish getting ready for dinner ! oops!
  • @365daygirl alright #stylechat chickas! it’s been fab – will chat again soon! gotta run & get some food :) happy styling!
  • @fabuliss And remember, #stylechat is every Sunday at 9 PM CDT. The more the merrier!

You can look up all of these participants on Twitter by searching for them by their handle (i.e., @Fabuliss).

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