My 120 Seconds with Tim Gunn at Mall of America…a.k.a. Pinch Me

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I’ve been a fan of Project Runway since before I saw my first episode.  The series debuted in my pre-cable years while I was working at Target.  I was so jealous hearing about the challenges week after week…

When I first saw Tim Gunn on TV, it was love at first sight.  How could one not love this well-spoken cheerleader in amazing suits?

Last week I had the chance to meet him in person while he was on tour at the Mall of America for his newest book Gunn’s Golden Rules.  It was definitely a major highlight in my first year of starting a business!

One of my favorite moments of his “hello and thanks for coming” speech was his response to an attendee question.  It was something along the lines of if you were reincarnated as an item of clothing, what would you want to be?  As he thought about an answer, he said definitely not a pair of leggings or capris.  Priceless.

While waiting in line, I read the last chapter of the book.  I admit it…I got teary eyed.

I was lucky enough to be near the beginning of the line – maybe within the first 50 people.  This is the line behind me – around 200 or so:

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As we waited, it was amazing to watch Tim take his time with each person that came for his book signing.  He looked at each person, he spoke to each person and he posed for pictures with everyone.

What a class act.

When I got my time with Tim, I’m sure I babbled a little.  I told him I was launching a business helping people figure out their style.  He complimented me on my outfit and said “good, the world needs you.”

Wow and double wow.

It was a pleasure meeting Tim Gunn and confirming that he is a real, likeable and charismatic person who happens to be on TV.  As if there was any doubt!

Is there someone who inspires you to do what you do?

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2 Responses to “My 120 Seconds with Tim Gunn at Mall of America…a.k.a. Pinch Me”

  1. tea_hon Says:

    Love him! I can’t stop grinning now (nor can you, I suspect).

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