Transitioning Skirts from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter

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Clients want to know…is it possible to take summer skirts into Fall?  If the fabric is cotton – especially a heavier weight – it can be possible.

The above photos are two of my clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They each have skirts that they like to wear and want to keep wearing into the cooler weather.

Here are ideas for how to wear skirts year-round, using items that can be found at Nordstrom.

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This skirt is casual because it’s a lighter weight and it’s construction is simple.  The type of floral pattern also adds to a more casual look – think country or prairie.

A 3/4 sleeve cardigan is a great top layer for summer.  A pop of color underneath the sweater, also known as up on the inside, creates a column for the wearer to help create a long, tall line between the skirt and top.  A lighter top layer will be good for women with triangle shapes needing to emphasize the top half.  A neutral toned shoe will anchor the look and would tie in nicely with gold-toned jewelry.

For cooler temperatures, a denim jacket is a versatile top layer for smart casual.  It provides structure and is a great top layer for warmth as well as for covering up the undesired result of extra weight.  Deeper tones, which are always more prevalent for Fall and Winter, will be seasonally appropriate and pair well with a dark brown pair of knee-high boots.

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This skirt is dressier because it’s a heavier cotton and has more structure to it.  Additionally, the floral pattern is more sophisticated and grey and black are generally more sophisticated than pastels.

For warmer temperatures, a structured jacket and pretty shell create a professional, polished look.  With a dark color on the outside, called up on the outside, it will work for larger busts and inverted triangle body types.  A pop of color with accessories is a great way to add personal style.  These wine colored shoes would pair beautifully with silver jewelry.

When the weather turns cool, a structured jacket with long sleeves is a polished top layer.  A dressy shell – with stylish detailing and in a fine or medium knit or fabric – creates a great Fall color palette.  A black or dark grey pair of knee-high boots keep the legs warm and are more sophisticated than a pair of opaque tights.

To find out the best colors, styles and items for your body colors, body type and wardrobe, Fabuliss can help!  Learn more at or contact us at with questions or for more information.

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