10/17 #stylechat Recap – Shopping Online for Clothing & Accessories

Hello & welcome to #stylechat! Tonight we are talking about online shopping for clothing & accessories.

1) What is your favorite thing about shopping online for clothes/accessories?

fabuliss: Q1 I love the massive selection all in one place – from colors and styles to sizes and options.
fabuliss: Q1 I also like that I don’t have to clip & carry coupons (I’m terrible at remembering to clip and then use them at checkout)
whereitblooms: I scout out trends and styles online but usually make in-store purchases
—fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Yes…online is great for pre-shopping. It’s always nice to touch things in person.
mrobin032009: Hi everyone! Q1: There are a lot of season-end bargains to be had when you shop on-line.
—whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 True. I shop for the kids online Easier than bringing them into the store & they can pick what they like
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 Yes, love to get steals on things that aren’t in stock in stores anymore
sellabitmum: I love that I can shop at anytime any hour. It is hard to shop with 3 small kids
—fabuliss: @sellabitmum Great point…online is open 24/7
—mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms Glad to hear that still works when the kids get older – I buy so much of my son’s wardrobe on-line.
—shopaholicchic: YES!! Probably the number one reason i love it! RY @fabuliss: @sellabitmum Great point…online is open 24/7
@shopaholicchic: fav thing bout online is the convenience & more options.
—whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 Just wait till your 3yo is older. Mine are 5 and 8 and have opinions now! More challenging.
365daygirl: Q1 shopping any time I want! woot! finding unique items that I wouldn’t normally get in town.
shopaholicchic: I started my online shopping addiction cpl yrs ago when I went back to college. Bribe myself after homework was done.
—fabuliss: @365daygirl Welcome…so glad to have you :)
sellabitmum: Easier to compare prices online. More discounts.
—fabuliss: Yes, price comparisons are great! RT @sellabitmum: Easier to compare prices online. More discounts

2) How often do you shop online for clothes/accessories?

whereitblooms: Not often for clothes/accessories online, more home items.
mrobin032009: 2. I sign up for all the e-mail notifications, so I’m always scouting & then when a sale + discount pops up I’ll buy things then.
365daygirl: Q2 whenever I can or get inspired, lol. actually it’s great when I’m researching a new trend I want to try out.
365daygirl: Q2 I go a little nuts after my tax refund, heh ;)
sellabitmum: Q2 I browse daily and shop at least wkly online.
whereitblooms: Is it worth the sale items if you pay shipping though?
—mrobin032009: I usually don’t pay more than $5 for shipping. A lot of times it’s free when there are promos.
—365daygirl: @mrobin032009 amen to that.shopaholicchic: I shop weekly but mostly to keep my eye on pieces I like, then wait for a coupon/discount of some sort.
fabuliss: Q2 I shop online several times/week. Mostly browsing…
sellabitmum: I buy nearly everything for my 3 kids online.
whereitblooms: Ok..you’re all making me want to shop now!
—sellabitmum: I know I am filling a cart now too…:) RT @WhereitBlooms: Ok..you’re all making me want to shop now!
fabuliss: Great points…fill up the cart, then buy once you get the offer codes for discounts and free shipping!
—shopaholicchic: @fabuliss or if I see something I like, I google to see if anyone has tweeted a discount code or on web before final purchase.
—365daygirl: @shopaholicchic oh, very nice – that’s shopping like a style ninja :)
—fabuliss: Great tip RT @shopaholicchic: if I see something I like, I google to see if anyone has tweeted a discount code or on web…
sellabitmum: I find many places offer free shipping.
mrobin032009: You can shop on-line & then return anything that doesn’t work in-store for a lot of retailers, but I rarely need to return things
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 In-store returns are a HUGE benefit

Q3 Do you use global shopping carts like Kaboodle, Amazon and Wishpot?

mrobin032009: Q3 – I use Amazon a lot
mrobin032009: Never heard about Wishpot or Kaboodle. (I think we have a stalker… eeek!)
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 They’re both pretty good although I get a lot of junk email from Kaboodle.
whereitblooms: Love amazon. I do shop online for books
365daygirl: @WhereitBlooms I like doing general search on Amazon for certain items, like leggings, to seek out new brands then go to websites
sellabitmum: I use amazon a lot.
—fabuliss: @sellabitmum Do you use their global shopping cart where you can shop different sites and add things to one cart?
—sellabitmum: @fabuliss yes I love that feature.sellabitmum: I also go thru cashback sites like ebates
—fabuliss: @sellabitmum I have to admit…I completely forgot about ebates!
fabuliss: Q3 Shopping with 1 global cart is AWESOME for comparing things on different sites :)
365daygirl: shopstyle.com is one of my favorite online “malls” for truly fashionable finds. runs the spectrum of affordability too.
—fabuliss: Thx for the site

Q4 Which are you more impulsive with – online or in-store shopping?

whereitblooms: More impulsive online! That is why I’ve toned it down. Too easy to pull out credit card.
mrobin032009: Q4 For my own clothes, I find I’m much more impulsive w/ in-store purchases
sellabitmum: Q4 much more impulsive online. Since u cannot try it on.
365daygirl: Q4 probably online, trying things on IRL is a very defining moment – either it rocks or not or I’m too tired to try on more, lol.
—fabuliss: @365daygirl I’m never too tired to try things on…is that bad? ;)
—365daygirl: @fabuliss I mean after about 2 hrs. and 50 items later ;)
—mrobin032009: @365daygirl Woah! That’s some serious power shopping re: after about 2 hrs. and 50 items later;)
—365daygirl: @mrobin032009 lol, it’s probably cuz I like to binge shop every so often rather than wkly. I’m probably exaggerating a touch ;)
mrobin032009: I make it a rule to walk around with things for a long time before I try them on, so the novelty wears off.
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 Interesting…I will have to try that!
fabuliss: Q4 I am impulsive in-store when I can touch it and try it on – esp with shoes and necklaces
sellabitmum: Online stores that take paypal make it toooo easy to impulse buy.
365daygirl: meanwhile online shopping is like devouring a bunch of empty carbs over the course of hours. it feels so light & effortless!
—fabuliss: @365daygirl Love it – “online shopping…light and effortless”
—sellabitmum: Love this too! RT @fabuliss: @365daygirl Love it – “online shopping…light and effortless”
whereitblooms: I follow 1) Do I need it? 2) Do I love it? 3) Do I have the money for it?
shopaholicchic: Im much more impulsive in the store for sure. (Another reason I like online.)
fabuliss: 4) Will I care in 5 yrs (or days)? RT @WhereitBlooms: I follow 1) Do I need it? 2) Do I love it? 3) Do I have the money for it?
365daygirl: damn fine points. would also add – how hard/easy is the garment to maintain/launder. dry cleaning bills are a pain…
whereitblooms: Hate having to dry clean items.

Q5 What are your favorite stores to shop online for clothing & accessories?

shopaholicchic: i’m a huge DSW fan because you can enter 3 discount codes online.
—fabuliss: That’s fab!
—mrobin032009: @shopaholicchic 3 codes at DSW? I usually buy in-store there … major impulse shoe shopping goes on there.
—shopaholicchic: @mrobin032009 yep! You can only use 1 coupon/time in store but 3 online.(DSW) Sometimes I look/try in store then buy online.
fabuliss: Q5 I ***love*** shopping Nordstrom’s new site. Ann Taylor and LOFT are decent. Great pictures, easy navigation.
mrobin032009: Q5. Gap, J.Jill, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Zappos, For the home it’s Overstock.com + Gymboree in the mix for the kiddo
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 I’ve heard Costco is excellent in terms of quality – esp furniture.
—mrobin032009: @fabuliss I had a Costco membership & went like twice, so I didn’t renew.
—whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 If you need anything you can come with me. I don’t go often but it’s worth it.
fabuliss: Q5 I also love eBags, Zappos and Endless for accessories.
365daygirl: Q5 shopstyle, modcloth, etsy (esp. for signature accessories & custom made goodies), dsw, amazon,
—fabuliss: @365daygirl Etsy is great but you have to be a power shopper to find stuff if you’re just starting out. Tips or tricks?
—365daygirl: @fabuliss hmm…I usually go for what I like – searching keywords like #steampunk snakeprint, etc. I may have been lucky too :)
—365daygirl: @fabuliss I’ll analyze the etsy thing more & see what tips I can come up w/ :)
—fabuliss: @365daygirl Yay…looking forward to it!#EtsyTipsandTricks
mrobin032009: Etsy is great for cards & gifts
sellabitmum: Jcrew gap 6pm amazon endless nordstroms
whereitblooms: Love Ikea for inexpensive household items. Costco is great too.
fabuliss: I also love the 1 cart feature at Gap/Banana/Old Navy/Athleta/Piperlime :)
—sellabitmum: Love this too when shpg for me and kids RT @fabuliss: I also love the 1 cart feature at Gap/Banana/Old Navy/Athleta/Piperlime :)
—mrobin032009: @sellabitmum me too – I forget about that 1 cart feature at Gap/Banana/Old Navy/Athleta/Piperlime, but it’s true.
fabuliss: Modcloth, J Crew and Anthropologie are great when I am in need of style inspiration.
mrobin032009: Ikea is like a country in & of itself – I also love Pottery Barn sales & Crate&Barrel Outlet for home things
whereitblooms: I could do major damage at Anthropologie! Love their stuff now, great sweaters and dresses.
shopaholicchic:  Target.com is another great site, lots more/better options than in store. Lots of fun Isaac Mizrahi dresses & shoes.
—fabuliss: @shopaholicchic Yes…and Target.com has petites :)
bethanyg: Echoing the Anthropologie love right now

fabuliss: We’re making good time with tonight’s questions. I have one left. Do you want to end early or does someone want to throw 1 out?

365daygirl: curious if there’s any items you don’t like shopping for online? I find jeans to be one of those IRL only situations#gotsomehips
whereitblooms: Shoes are tough to buy online. Comfort is key for me.
—365daygirl: @WhereitBlooms agreed, lingerie is tough too…our bits are so distinct & getting the foundation right is a key to great outfit.
fabuliss: @365daygirl Great question. Yes, jeans are tough online unless you’re reordering same kind.
fabuliss: @365daygirl I do 60% of shopping/browsing online and the rest is in-store.
mrobin032009: Lee has great online sales for jeans if you are on their e-mail list. Even for their newer styles ~ 40 – 50% off is common.
shopaholicchic: jeans are the one thing I don’t buy online. Even Silvers vary in fit w/ dif styles w/in the same size.

mrobin032009: Does anyone have a favorite for Lingerie? I’ve tried a couple, but the prices always seem higher online.
whereitblooms: I head to Nordstrom’s for Lingerie. Again, too hard to buy online.
fabuliss: @mrobin032009 I reserve most lingerie shopping for the Nordstrom semi-annual sales…they’re online and in-store.
—whereitblooms: Ditto!
fabuliss: FYI, Nordstrom anniversary sales are November and May
—TraciTakesTea: Love a good sale! Thanks! RT @fabuliss: FYI, Nordstrom anniversary sales are November and May
—fabuliss: @blonde_knitter It’s an AWESOME sale :) Plus, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in July
mrobin032009: I haven’t shopped Nordstrom – MOA is a rare trip for me.
shopaholicchic: @fabuliss @mrobin032009 the Victorias Secret annual sale is very good. Otherwise, seems most of their coupons are for in store.
—fabuliss: @shopaholicchic VS does not hold these bits up or in place :P I’ve tried bottoms and tops there…
—mrobin032009: @fabuliss I find the ones that work for me are of the $50 – $60 price range – ditto about VS…
—365daygirl: @fabuliss used to work there actually & shopping has always been a bit of a challenge. VS is kind of frustrating…
—bethanyg: Thirding VS, though I like their free coupons.
—fabuliss: @bethanyg @365daygirl @mrobin032009@shopaholicchic I’ve heard VS coupons are great :)

365daygirl: if any interested here’s online shopping tips & tricks in blog: 365daygirl.com/fashion-friday-online-shopping-at-lady-umbrella

OK, last question. Q6 What would you change about online shopping?

kshoop: @fabuliss I would love to see how clothes look on real people, not models.
—365daygirl: Q6 what she said! RT @kshoop: @fabuliss I would love to see how clothes look on real people, not models.
—fabuliss: DITTO! RT @kshoop: @fabuliss I would love to see how clothes look on real people, not models.
bethanyg: Q6 – You know, I like online the way it is for what I need it for, but prefer to build relationships w/ local places.
—fabuliss: @bethanyg It would be great to make it easier to find locals online…many have stores!
—365daygirl: same! I <3 local boutiques ET @bethanyg:…but prefer to build relationships w/ local places.
mrobin032009: Q6 Good one – All the models seem to be the exact same proportion on most sites – in catalogs too – which is of no help to me.
mrobin032009: Especially when it comes to the different pant fits. Same proportioned models in every single one – so irritating.
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 Agree. Wish places showed the same product on multiple people
fabuliss: Q6 I would like to see better pics. Show all colors, show scale & show all angles.
—sellabitmum: Yes colors can be very off RT @fabuliss: Q6 I would like to see better pics. Show all colors, show scale & show all angles.sellabitmum: Q6 would love more garment measurements. Boden does a great job with this.
—fabuliss: @sellabitmum I really love Boden :) Cute stuff, great prints.
—mrobin032009: Boden needs more sales – they are pricey
—sellabitmum: They do a 20% off presale every season. I stock up for the kids RT @mrobin032009: Boden needs more sales – they are pricey
—mrobin032009: @sellabitmum seriously? I get their catalogs, but never noticed that re: Boden pre-sale
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 I think I just got another 20% off catalog…I’ll look and send you the code if there is one
—sellabitmum: Spring presale is end of nov RT @mrobin032009: @sellabitmum I get their catalogs, but never noticed that re: Boden pre-salebethanyg: But I do hate it when places eff up their website pics/ info and then you have a return hassle (SmartBargains, looking at you!)
365daygirl: Q6 I wish every online boutique had a 360 degree view of the garment – some don’t. I also want to get the biggest photo possible
moarinternets: I would love sites to have an algorithm savvy enough to pick things out for me based on my past behavior. Like amazon does
—fabuliss: @moarinternets Love “smart” sites
shopaholicchic: would like to see more sites add user generated reviews on the fit, comfort, quality. Really helps making decisions.
—fabuliss: @shopaholicchic That is a huge help – reviews based on diff parameters adds a lot to decision.bethanyg: Like it when sites have “shop by body type.”
—fabuliss: Yes, this is a great addition! RT @bethanyg: Like it when sites have “shop by body type.”
fabuliss: Did anyone every try or use the “try it on” tool Lands End used to have? GREAT idea but probably spendy…
—mrobin032009: @fabuliss I was trying to think of the site where you can build your virtual model of your own proportions…
—mrobin032009: http://www.mvm.com/cs/ That’s the My Virtual Model site – fun to play around with to see what syles might work on your body.
—fabuliss: @mrobin032009 Right – that’s what Land’s End used to use!
—365daygirl: @mrobin032009 huzzah! will totally check that out.TraciTakesTea: @fabuliss It would be nice of more stores had more detailed sizing charts (inches is best) and offered same styles in plus sizes.
—fabuliss: @blonde_knitter Agree. Plus and petite sizes are essential!

Well thanks, ladies (and any gents following along)! Great ideas as always. I hope retailers are listening :)

fabuliss: It was a pleasure @shopaholicchic @365daygirl@mrobin032009 @whereitblooms @sellabitmum@moarinternets@blonde_knitter
fabuliss: And thanks @bethanyg :)

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