The Long and Short of Wearing Necklaces…a.k.a. How to Wear Necklaces 101


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If you are new to wearing jewelry, necklaces can be a great place to start but there are so many options to choose from.  From chunky beads and pendants to layered chains and pearls, it’s just a matter of experimenting to find what works.


  1. This antiqued necklace from Target is a sleek statement look.  It pairs well with prints because it can hold its own with a small or medium print and it does a great job dressing up a solid top.  The length hits right below my bust line and the weight of the necklace ensures it holds it’s flattering v-shape and stays in position.
  2. The blue statement necklace from Target is a great way to incorporate personality into a professional outfit.  It is a tad shorter than I would like it to be but it doesn’t completely cut my neck short so I think it works – especially with an open collar and neckline.
  3. While it’s hard to see the coral necklace from Macy’s, I purposely chose a simple necklace because of the height of the collar on the jacket.
  4. This is one of my favorite new necklaces that I stalked at Target the last part of the summer.  When it was marked down to 75% off the original price, it became mine!  It is the right shade of coral, is a great length on me and goes a long way to dress up a monochromatic outfit.
  5. This is the same coral necklace as in photo #3.  It is a classic, elegant set of beads and goes great with a ruffled shirt and ruffled cardigan.
  6. A long shiny gold necklace, another great find from Target, is a great match for the printed shirt and denim jacket because the shine stands out while not adding volume.  It is a focal point and draws attention up to my face while adding a youthful look to the outfit.


  • If you have a longer neck, you can wear a short necklace or a choker necklace.
  • If you have a shorter neck, stick with necklaces that hang lower than your collarbones.
  • A big and heavy chunky necklace will look overwhelming on a slim frame; a delicate necklace will disappear on a large frame.
  • Your necklace should hit above or below the neckline of your first layer.
  • Wear a necklace and mean it.  Make sure it doesn’t disappear into your skin, into your frame or into your outfit.
  • It is OK if your necklace goes over your bust area.
  • Long necklaces work best with monochromatic dresses.
  • A chunky necklace can add volume so be conscious of where the volume is being added.
  • A simple necklace pairs well with a busy shirt and a more busy necklace works well with a plain outfit.
  • Layer a sparkly necklace with a plain necklace to increase the interest factor.

Do you need to add interest to your outfits but need help getting started?  A personal shopping appointment would be a great package to start with.

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