Notched, Split, Jewel or V…Collars & Necklines That Work for Me


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There is an abundance of collar types and necklines that work with different neck lengths, face shapes and shoulders.

The standard convertible collar is the most flattering collar and the v-neck is the most flattering neckline.  Despite this, retailers love to sell all kinds of collars and crewnecks.

Let’s look at several examples based on some things in my closet:

  1. The fine-knit cotton cardigan is a v-neck and the silk shell is a split neck.  The weight of the sweater combined with being a dark color and left open slims while framing my face.  A split neck adds length and keeps my neck and face open.
  2. The fine-knit wool cardigan is like a lapel-less jacket and is paired with a draped cowl neck poly blend shell.  The lower neckline creates an even more flattering look for my face and neck and the dark colors frame my face because they match the contrast of my hair.
  3. A notched lapel on a jacket is one of my best collars and I paired it with a medium jewel neck that is lower than a crewneck.  This combination is an excellent combination for semi-professional look.  This collar style and shell combination would also work as a suit.
  4. The notched lapel on a leather jacket works great paired with the draped cowl neck shell and provides a great opening for a chunky statement necklace.  The lapels on this jacket are wider than the denim and are proportionate with my frame.
  5. While the convertible collar is universally flattering it’s slightly tougher to pull off when it’s a stiff fabric like this corduroy.  It’s made more challenging when paired with a chunky necklace.  While it frames my face well, it does not do much for my neck.
  6. Try to forget that this golden yellow color doesn’t work with my hair and eyes and focus on the notched collar.  This is a different variation but it works great.  The larger top lapel combined with a smaller bottom lapel as well as a fitted sleeve and bust are great for my silhouette.

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