10/24 #stylechat Summary: Getting Ready/Morning Routine

This topic for #stylechat was inspired by some statistics I circulated regarding how the time allotted to getting ready in the morning dramatically declined over the course of the week.

The study, from a major British retailer, suggested that we make an effort to look our best on Mondays and do not care as much by the time Friday hits.

Highlights from the discussion were:

  • Kids are a major factor when it comes to how much time one has to get ready.
  • The longest part of getting ready tends to be on what to wear.  Some can pick things out the night before.
  • Men and women dislike having to shave on a regular basis.
  • There is a drastic difference when it comes to hair – it can either take a long time or be really low maintenance.  And not washing the hair every day can be a time saver.
  • A few people admitted to doing makeup while in transit.
  • Ideas for speeding up the routine included a nanny, cleaning out the closet, a personal chef, good makeup products.
  • If people have a small amount of time to get ready, clean teeth, deodorant & ponytails were tops while many included a few makeup products.

#stylechat is a hosted chat every Sunday evening at 9 PM CT.  Everyone is welcome to this free and open forum!

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