11/14 #stylechat Summary: Jeans

The inspiration for this topic came from someone’s comment on Twitter.  Unfortunately I can not remember who to thank!

Highlights from the discussion included:

  • I absolutely love this quote from Clinton Kelly: “The purpose of a jean is to make your ass look cute.”
  • The quantity of jeans owned varies – from 2 to 50.
  • Some people are hanging on to old jeans that do not fit…they, like many clothes, hold a lot of nostalgia.
  • Jeans go with a lot of looks and styles and can be worn a lot of ways.
  • Desired dollar amount to spend on jeans for this group was definitely under $100.
  • Not surprisingly, fit is the biggest challenge when it comes to jeans.
  • Custom jeans sounds interesting but may be more of a challenge than is worth the hassle of measuring.
  • To close the gap in the back of jeans, I can attest to the success of Hollywood Fashion Tape’s Hip Hugger – it works with pants and jeans and is so much better than wearing a belt.
  • No one wants to see someone else in a pair of really tightly fitted jeans.
  • Stretch denim is great but saggy butt is not.
  • Jeans are purchased at a wide range of places – from boutiques and petite departments to Old Navy and The Buckle.
  • One of the men who participated said he researches which jeans to invest in based on durability.
  • Final thoughts in terms of what retailers can take away:
    • “Life isn’t a runway” Use real people for your fit models please
    • I appreciate varied fits and inseams whenever possible. Also, too many premium denim styles are WAY too low-rise.
    • Make every size universal. A 12 is a 12.
    • Have GOOD sales people that know about jeans!
  • Memorable jean brands from the past included Guess, Girbaud and Calvin Klein.

#stylechat is a hosted chat every Sunday evening at 9 PM CT.  Everyone is welcome to this free and open forum!

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