What Does a Woman Have to Wear to Get Attention at a Luxury Car Dealership?

Mercedes Dealer

Thursday was one of those days where I had to fight to not get sucked into Twitter.  I love reading the feed, seeing what people are up to and finding out about new things.

Then this caught my eye:

@Nylons: Apparently I look too poor for the Benz sales guy to talk to me. Nice.

And the conversation began!

  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons Hmmmm….what are you wearing? (Appearance counts for 55% of our communications.)
  • @Nylons: @fabuliss He really shouldn’t care. He should care about my bank balance. If a guy was wearing what I am right now they’d notice him.
  • @Nylons: @fabuliss jeans. Chukka boots. Black jacket.
  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons Agree w/ “shouldn’t.”

@Nylons: @fabuliss also – lets call a spade a spade.With men it has more to do with whether women are attractive to them- THAT is how clothes matter.

  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons We are naturally drawn to people who are attractive. I define “attractive” as putting our best foot forward :)
  • @Relaxadaisical: @fabuliss @nylons Make sure the foot going forward has a well polished and fashionable shoe ;)
  • @Nylons: @fabuliss I get you. My clothes are not my best foot. I am. And I put my best energy and thinking and enthusiasm forward always.
  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons That is AWESOME for ppl who know you…but doesn’t work as well for ppl who don’t know you.
  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons Women don’t need to be bombshells…but when they prioritize image, AMAZING things happen! #IHaveProof
  • @Nylons: @fabuliss Thankfully I know how to dress and generally dress appropriately for the occasion. But my point is – sales should not assume.

@Relaxadaisical: True. Where does comfort come in?

  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons @Relaxadaisical In all honesty, I rarely feel uncomfortable in my clothes!
  • @Nylons: @fabuliss @relaxadaisical agreed. I am almost always comfortable in my clothes and my skin.
  • @Fabuliss: @Nylons P.S. Very glad you’re comfortable in your clothes and skin :)

@Kjtten: Interesting convo… thing is, ACCORDING TO WHOSE STANDARDS?

  • @Fabuliss: @kjtten Agreed re good convo. Whose standards do you think you/we should dress for?
  • @Nylons: @kjtten Boom! cc: @fabuliss
  • @Kjtten: @fabuliss cc:@Nylons That is the $64K question. (Whose standards?). If ur interviewing, take into account the org’s culture… to a point.
  • @Fabuliss: @kjtten My perspective on style standards is wear what makes you feel confident & like you can conquer the world…then do it! cc @Nylons

I completely agree that sales people should not judge people based on gender or clothing.  And from personal experience, I can say they should also not make assumptions tied to race.  But they do.  And it’s why I do what I do.

What do you think?  Extend the conversation here on with me (@fabuliss) on Twitter.

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One Response to “What Does a Woman Have to Wear to Get Attention at a Luxury Car Dealership?”

  1. Fabuliss Says:

    For the record, I am recording this because it was a thoughtful discussion. And, yes, @nylons and I are definitely friends :)

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