How to Give a Fabuliss Gift…Without Offending

{ Fabuliss & Buh-Bye-Black BFF }

How lucky are we to have people in our lives who often know us better than ourselves?  I will never forget a great friend (pictured above with me in 1990-something) who helped me realize that the only thing that made it into the dressing room with me was the color black.  Sadly I even wore it to her wedding.

Today, I am thrilled to be helping clients identify these types of challenges, along with changes that have a huge impact on personal communications and careers.

{ Fabuliss Holiday Gift Certificate }

If you are thinking about giving the gift of a Fabuliss package or gift certificate, here are a few ideas in terms of how to think and talk about it.

  1. Determine readiness for change.  Typically clients contact Fabuliss when they are ready to make a change.  They may be experiencing life changes, career changes or they have decided enough is enough.
  2. Gauge readiness to invest in themselves. If the person you have in mind is open to change, this could be a great time to prioritize themselves.  Keep in mind this is a personal, one-on-one experience and some people may not be ready for this type of attention.
  3. Identify a Fabuliss package. There are a few types of packages to choose from or we can create a custom package that addresses specific needs.
  • Is this person in need of a complete makeover?  If yes, a great place to start is the closet where we can use existing clothing as a learning tool.
  • Is the person in need of confidence?  Style tools like a Color Analysis and Fit & Style guide can make anyone a savvy shopper.
  • Does the person have a big event coming up?  A personal shopping appointment will ensure a gift that fits & flatters.

Surprise! Once your recipient opens the gift, talk about it as a gift of COURAGE { try something new }, CONFIDENCE { knowledge=power } & COMPLIMENTS { people WILL notice }.

If you have additional questions about gift giving, feel free to call, email or tweet.

Holiday 2010 Special: Purchase a gift certificate before 12/24/2010 and get $50 towards a future package or save $25 instantly.  Free gift box and standard shipping with purchase.

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Personal Shopping.  Closet Reviews.  Color and Fit & Style Analysis.  Style Parties.  Remote Styling. or 612-554-4629 }

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

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