2011 Style Resolutions…You Can Do It!

Ignore the naysayers.  In my book resolutions are essential for challenging ourselves to do and try new things.  To be better people.  To enjoy life and be happy.

When you responded with your style resolutions, it was clear that you get it.  Here are your style resolutions, mixed in with a few others from Twitter, and ideas for how to attain them.

My style resolution: Make sure things fit better before you buy them! Accent what’s good on me!

First, make time to try before you buy…it will save you time when you don’t have to dig for the receipt, drive to the store and stand in line to return.

When trying clothing on, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the color look good on me?  Matching to your eye color will always flatter you.
  • Is this accentuating the things I like about myself?  For example, if you like your legs, wear dresses and skirts.
  • Do the clothes fit my shape?  Clothing doesn’t do you any good if it’s snug or big.
  • Will this go with other things in my closet?  If you already have something similar, consider finding a more unique item.

Another fashion resolution! Find a bra, and a pair of jeans, that actually fit correctly!

Bras are essential, especially if your weight has changed.  It’s ideal to get fitted and replace bras about every six months.  Promise that you will do it at least once a year.  I recommend investing in a good brand at Nordstrom or Macy’s and the fittings there are free.

As for jeans, focus less on the brand name and more on fit and quality.  Smart brands like Levi’s are starting to pay attention to women’s shapes so take advantage of this.  It should mean less dressing room time.  And one last thing.  A dark-wash straight-leg no-frills jean will look great on anyone – man or woman.

Cleaning my closet more frequently.

Do this twice a year – from warm to cold weather and cold to warm weather – and you’re set.  Incorporate a nice set of uniform hangers and your closet will go from “ugh” to “wow” instantly.

If you aren’t wearing something, get it out of your closet.  Sell, donate or give it away.  If your closet speaks to you, it will thank you.

Taking the time to accessorize more.

Accessories make a huge difference in personalizing outfits and expressing yourself.  Buy two or three necklaces that really speak to you and you will want to wear them every day.  If you are not sure how to match things, opt for metallic or something classic like pearls.  One casual necklace and one dressy necklace is a great foundation to dress up your outfits.

No trashy jewelry. I’d rather have one nice piece of jewelry than 10 junky pieces.

This is a great resolution and even better advice.  In many cases, cheap jewelry looks cheap.  That said, I find a lot of great jewelry at ridiculous prices so use a discerning eye and taste level – especially when you go into a store with temptingly low prices.

My new year resolution no.4 No need to keep up with fashion, stick with personal style.

Bingo.  Do this.

New Year Resolution #1: Style improvement starting with wardrobe overhaul today!

If you groan every time you look in your closet, time’s a wasting.  You can change this.  If you like nice things but your budget is tight, try consignment.  I just found a suede skirt in perfect condition for $26.  If you have the money but lack the inspiration and/or time, hire a professional.  Make a commitment, then make the change happen.

Fabuliss’ Style Resolution

At my Grandma Noud’s funeral, the priest said my grandma’s motto was along the lines of always look your best, be your best and do your best.  This is on constant replay in my mind as an inspiration and motivation.

Happy 2011 and cheers to a great year of being you!

{ Fabuliss helps you earn confidence and respect by teaching you how to communicate with style. Closets, shopping, tools, parties, remote.  Fabuliss.com or 612-554-4629 }

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